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  1. smoothop

    Wlnss, inc. the uber of IV infusions???

    I worked for one of those and it was great! Really enjoyable, autonomous and no politics. It was perfect for me but the franchise owners (MD) was a prick that i hated working with. He interested a really nice flowing system to take frequent power trips So i left
  2. smoothop

    Why become an RN to do computer work?

    What was your gateway to designing? Education requirements? Experience?
  3. smoothop

    I felt burnt out and I'm not even working.

    thanks for sharing, it definitely hits home. Getting your RN does open more doors, as I was miserable as an LPN and thought I'd made a huge mistake...but I found that psych worked well for me, also jobs where I don't have coworkers or having to work closely with hospital physicians. I've worked at a very small free clinic that services only employees of an electric company, where I am the only Nurse I've worked in Psych which was awesome until a new, difficult, physician took over the ward. Pediatric home health as an LPN was great and patient/family centered As an RN doing on call assessments for homehealth Also IV infusion therapy PRN and on-call IV infusions for Private pay patients, who are very healthy and extremely appreciative Nurses are like the football players of healthcare, which most definitely take all the hits, are disrespected by staff and patients alike, while putting health and well being on the line. My mom was a nurse for 20 years, as I traveled with her, over time we saw so many of her coworkers die in their 40s. You can burn out and not realize it. Emotional, mental & physical stress are equally dangerous. Best of luck, if you're willing to relocate and or further your education, you do have options. Don't be afraid to give it another try, though I know you're exhausted. Push through.