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  1. Masters Degree

    Hello, I am currently practicing as an RN (BScN). I am interested in obtaining a Masters degree, preferably in Nursing Management/Leadership or as a Nursing Executive. My questions are; 1) What universities would you recommend for obtaining...
  2. Canadian New Grad to USA?

    Thank you for the response! I have actually accepted a position within the USA as I feel I will have more of an opportunity to gain experience there through both a nurse residency program as well as through obaining full time employment in an acute a...
  3. Canadian New Grad to USA?

    That must be very frustrating for all the new grads out in Cali!!
  4. Canadian New Grad to USA?

    Interesting. Nearly every hospital I have interviewed with has offered a position due to shortages. Perhaps it depends on the state?
  5. Canadian New Grad to USA?

    What would be your rationale for staying in Canada? The lack of opportunities within the acute care field (casual positions only) along with the limited orientation availablility (2-5 shifts) certainly encourages Canadian trained nurses to obtain emp...
  6. Cardiac PCU as New Graduate RN

    Although you may not miss the unit itself, do you recommend a new grad taking a position on a Cardiac PCU?
  7. Cardiac PCU as New Graduate RN

    Thank you for this! Makes me feel a bit better, for sure.
  8. Cardiac PCU as New Graduate RN

    Thank you for your response! The position is apart of the nurse residency program, and will include ACLS, interpretation class along with approx. 10 weeks with a preceptor on the unit. I am originally from Canada and would be relocating to the Unite...
  9. Cardiac PCU as New Graduate RN

    Hello, I have received a job offer for employment on a Cardiac PCU Unit where the patient ratio is typically 4/5 to 1. Curious as to if anyone has experience with the Cardiac PCU as a new graduate, or in general. I have never worked on such a unit i...
  10. Canadian New Grad to USA?

    Hello, I am a Canadian new graduate RN (BScN) who has a job offer to obtain employment in the United States, specifically Florida on a Cardiac PCU unit full time. I am curious as to if anyone has any advice or tips in pursuing this career opportunity...