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  1. Jdegreaffenreidte

    Transitioning from Medsurge to ICU

    Hi everyone, I'm a new nurse been that has working on med-surge for 6 months and got the okay to begin the transition into the ICU. I will begin the transition in about 1 month and was wondering if anyone could recommend some really good books or study material that would make me more knowledgeable about what I might encounter in the ICU. Thanks!
  2. Jdegreaffenreidte

    BSN School Choice matter for CRNA School

  3. Jdegreaffenreidte

    BSN School Choice matter for CRNA School

    Good evening to everyone, Im currently a nursing student in my final semister and graduating from an ADN program this April. My dream is to be a CRNA however, I was wondering if it the school choice for my bachelor's really mattered in the competition for a CRNA school slot. My two top choices were chamberlain university or Aspen Unniversity which are both CCNE accredited. Thanks for helping me out guys.

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