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  1. DistressedRN

    I need some ideas...

    So as I was entering my recovery journey after self reporting, the worst part was the complete lack of information online about what was happening, what was going to happen, my next steps, etc. I just sat at home detoxing while I waited on the peer assistance program to tell me what to do, and we all know they work on their own timeline. I work for a physician who has a blog and website, and he wants to build a page where nurses who are in addiction but wanting to get out can get helpful information. Information about the smartest way to approach things and and how to minimize damage to their license. For example, in my state, I tell people who have been referred to peer assistance to skip the $600 evaluation and go ahead and check into an approved treatment center because 99.9% of the time they’re going to recommend inpatient anyway. Save that money. What are some things you would have like to have known up front? Or things you think would be helpful to others just starting out?
  2. DistressedRN

    Hair follicle

    I had my first hair follicle test four months into my TNPap contract. We usually have two of those (or a nail test) per year, four blood draws, and twenty urine drug screens per year if opiates were your DOC. Nurses in for alcohol get Peth tests thrown in there occasionally. Have you had any blood tests yet? If not, pray you don’t get one in the next month. Didn’t you have another scare recently with alcohol? Fingers crossed you don’t get picked. No judgement at all because God knows what I would be doing if I didn’t have consequences in place, so this is coming from a place that’s concerned for your wellbeing. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to not take anything besides what you’re prescribed. I've just seen two other TnPap nurses get popped in the last couple of weeks for isolated use of a prohibited substance. They’re having to go for evaluations again, one has had to go back to inpatient, it’s a nightmare. We’ve been through enough without piling more on ourselves. It’s such a relief to never worry when my Spectrum app says ‘you’ve been selected’ because it was never that way before.
  3. DistressedRN

    Need Help

    I agree with the above. Don’t tell anyone at rehab you’re a nurse. If you think you’ll slip up and mention you work in healthcare, say you answer the phones or set appointments, ANYTHING besides something that needs a license. That being said, there are many options for you, depending on the severity of your opioid use disorder. Do you think you could possibly take a week off to detox completely (even if it means checking into a facility then leaving AMA afterwards because they can’t force you to stay) then start an intensive outpatient program? A lot of those are at night and you can possibly keep working, you’d hopefully have insurance to cover it. Start going to AA or NA and work the *** out of the program. Another option is to seek help from a Suboxone clinic. Don’t tell them you’re a nurse. Tell them you’re addicted to opiates and want to do a short Subutex taper, preferably less than a month, not be on it long-term. The dosing schedule can be similar to what you would get in a rehab center, and then you could also start an IOP program. Again, get in NA or AA or Celebrate Recovery or ANYTHING to surround yourself with social support that’s non-judgemental. But I’ll be honest, if you are at that point of rock bottom exhaustion and desperation with your using and truly recognize you have a problem and need to go to inpatient, you probably do. I fought tooth and nail against it, but at the end it was the best decision I ever made. I’m one of those weirdos whose untreated major recurrent depression and severe PPD/PPP was a major cause of and worsened my addiction (not the other way around as most psychiatrists will tell you: most addicts are depressed and anxious BECAUSE of the drugs) and in my treatment plan I got started on the right antidepressants and within two weeks I was a new person and have literally never looked back as far as relapsing on opiates. Those 28 days in treatment with no other responsibilities besides working on myself and my mental health was priceless.
  4. DistressedRN

    Drug Test...paranoid so did my own before for proof.

    We use these in my clinic and any line, no matter how faint, is a negative.
  5. DistressedRN

    Tnpap and drinking

    What was the testing code? It is usually something like H-737675 or something similar. I will say that Option 12 is normally the whole blood collection for peth. Also, O-792070 is definitely a whole blood peth test.
  6. DistressedRN

    Tnpap and drinking

    I honestly think you’ll be okay now that we are four days out from the drink and you couldn’t possibly be tested til Monday, IF you got selected. I collect urine and blood for Affinity where I work (I’m not allowed to test there, I only do it for local doctors and pharmacists in monitoring contracts.) I will tell you this, but I wouldn’t worry about a peth as much as I would have about a straight urine drug screen last week. ETG can show up in it up to 80 hours later. A peth is designed to detect multiple servings for up to 2-4 weeks after ingestion. From what it sounds like, you didn’t ingest enough to show on that. Now this may sound like overkill, but I’ve not even ordered a ‘virgin’ drink since I’ve been in monitoring. To me, unless I can see the drink being made and it doesn’t leave my sight until it’s served to me, there is always a chance it might have alcohol. I’m not paranoid about food or other things like vanilla or hand sanitizer, but until I’m out of monitoring, I will just stick to soda, juice, and water. I was really nervous at first that people would notice I wasn’t drinking at weddings, ballgames, etc, but nobody has ever lifted an eyebrow. I actually had a ready-made excuse if someone asked but have never had to use it. 😂 ETA: I’m 2.5 years in and I’ve never had a peth test.
  7. DistressedRN


    There is a specific test for Ambien and it is frequently added onto the testing panels on nurses in monitoring contracts. It is on the big no-no list for people in recovery, as it alters your LOC and is habit forming.
  8. DistressedRN

    Hand Sanitizer

    There’s no need to use alcohol free. When you’re sanitizing your hands, keep them down below your waist and away from your face until it dries. That was straight from my case manager. I just got back from a vacation where I had to sanitize my hands at least every fifteen to twenty minutes (I’m serious, it was a theme park. By the time I’d been there two hours I had so much buildup on my hands it was like wearing gloves). I got tested the day I got home and was negative.
  9. DistressedRN

    TNPAP Monitoring Agreement

    My case manager emailed me and gave me the agreement to read and sign, the instructions on how to set up my Birchwood account & choose that group, and the instructions on how you download the Spectrum app on your phone and set up your account with Affinity for drug testing. Things will get exponentially easier once this is all in place, but they are understaffed and overworked and right now they’re probably still wading through all the monthly-self reports the current participants turned in last week. So try not to sweat it. Enjoy the last few days of not having to check in every morning and not having to log meeting attendance. 😁
  10. DistressedRN

    TNPAP Monitoring Agreement

    No, please don’t have the drink! The price you’ll pay if you get caught is just too high. As far as your other question, I got my monitoring contract about a week and a half after I finished IOP.
  11. DistressedRN

    TnPap (Tennessee)

    It’s awesome that your evaluator and TNPap didn’t make you cease practice! But unfortunately I don’t think they’ll count that time. But I’d ask my case manager just to be absolutely sure. I hope you can.
  12. DistressedRN

    TnPap (Tennessee)

    It starts when you get your first job using your nursing license AFTER signing your monitoring agreement. I signed my contract in June, started working in September, and wasn’t off narc restrictions til March.
  13. DistressedRN

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    Yessss. If anything I’m less stressed because now I’m not wasting hours each week driving to and sitting in meetings that I’m completely tuned out of when I have a million other things I need or want to be doing. Call it white knuckling if they want, but I don’t have any desire to drink/use. Except when I’m being force-fed 12 step cliches twice a week. 😂 I work in a recovery-based setting and I get plenty of ESH while I’m getting paid for it to boot.
  14. DistressedRN

    COVID 19 and Monitoring Programs

    Not only that, but if Labcorp and Quest are running their own covid-19 tests, I have no desire to go sit in their waiting room with people who think they’re contagious!
  15. DistressedRN


    Sure. Can you get pm yet?
  16. DistressedRN


    No. Unencumbered. I have to limit my practice to the state of TN but my compact status will be reinstated once I complete the contract.