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GS ED RN has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Emergency/med surg.

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  1. Rapport with pts

    Hello all - I am sorry if this is not the right platform - but I figured this was how I could reach the most experts. I fiercely admire the patience/dedication it takes to work with patients with addiction as a disease. My friend was in rehab f...
  2. Community vs. Level 1 trauma

    Thank you!! Glad to know I am not the only one ?
  3. Sucky day + unsupportive spouse

    oof I read that and it hurt me --- its hard to talk to non healthcare workers about our line of work that is why I keep my work related venting to only nursing - no one else gets it PERIOD. I don't care what anyone thinks - of course other jobs/profe...
  4. Hello everyone - been an ED nurse for 4 years now, two jobs level 1 trauma and community setting. I was finishing off a shift and in very typical Murphy's law fashion *** hit the fan in the last 90 mins of my shift. I was brought a pt who was o...
  5. Calling all nursing students! I will be accepting my first job as a nursing faculty - teaching complex and acute care - it will likely be on an online platform - I want to hear from YOU! What did you like and dislike about your profs and lectur...
  6. Nurses make me sick

    yes this is why I made sure to say nursing isn’t the only hard job - and those professions also deal with the wide spectrum of human emotion as nursing does. This aspect is what makes all of our professions unique but also incredibly difficult at ti...
  7. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    I love zdogg!! I find him credible and he tells how it is - but I actually purposely don’t re-post him because I know people are going to say he’s “one doctor- not an immunologist, ID doc blah blah. Whatever so in that case I have posted the publicat...
  8. Nurses make me sick

    Didn’t say there is anything wrong with stoicism. Point being yes it is important to be stoic and emotionally intelligent with the patients and in your work setting, but there’s nothing wrong with crying after work and letting it out...
  9. Nurses make me sick

    Agreed- the OP seems like it comes from a place of bitterness - and also from a time when it was “taboo” to talk about our feelings - when we had to be stoic, put our heads down be so serious and work. Are some nurses on social media inappropriate? ...
  10. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    I accepted the Trumpers for what they were -but the COVID minimizes/deniers, the anti-Vaxxers, the science illiterate (by choice) .... I simply cannot and that’s probably because I have such a personal affliction with COVID being on the frontlines- m...
  11. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    Exactly thank you!! And I’m just like okay they certainly can’t say it’s “safe” for fertility- too soon. But they sure as *** can’t say it’s not - check the source ... oh a scorned ex Pfizer worker made the claim!! Come on! And I’m sorry this is go...
  12. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    Thank you so so much - just the validation of my feelings helps - I mean I don’t know that their intentions were to be cruel or hurtful - we all have dark senses of humor - but that comment really hit a nerve. My plan is to build a wall away from tho...
  13. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    Thank you for the advice —/ you’re right really need to start avoiding the topic- I also agree with the potential mistrust of experts - we were all jerked around in the beginning with no masks vs. masks, 2 week quarantine that turned into months - I ...
  14. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    Yes it did feel DAMN good to get it out thank you for reading - thank you for your advice. Comforting to know I’m not the only one!!
  15. COVID Misinformation/Ignorance

    How do you deal with ignorant family members/friends. I cannot deal with ignorant, misinformed people anymore - especially when it hits close to home w/ friends and family for some reason I take it personally and when they do not have any desire to l...