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    Working on weekends!

    Hi, I will be graduating ASN school this year and long story short, I do not want to work weekends... Now before you jump down my throat I didn't say I will not work weekends. I am in the Navy reserves and average 1-2 weekends gone per month. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old and do not want to miss out on everything, I know I will miss out on somethings though! (I have been on three 8 month deployments in the last 8 years). Here is the tricky part, I want to pursue my BSN and my dream is to become a Nurse Practitioner one day. I know I need valuable working experience to be the best Nurse I can be. My wife and I have already talked about it and worst case, we understand I may be gone on every weekend for a couple years! What type of unit do I apply to work to get the best experience without working weekends? Thanks in advance!
  2. PubSub

    Santa Fe College ASN Fall 2018

    Anybody know if a Facebook group has been made for this class? I didn't see one when I searched on fb
  3. PubSub

    Santa Fe College ASN Fall 2018

    Received acceptance letter this morning around 8:30! Good luck everyone!
  4. PubSub

    Santa Fe College ASN Fall 2018

    I asked today when I turned in my application and they just said it looks like a lot this time. Not much help. They said to expect acceptance/denial emails to be sent 2-3 weeks after may 10th.
  5. Hey! Its that time again. Applications are due May 10th, this time I will have 58 points so i'm hoping thats above the cut off line! Had 43 points last time, now I have 10 points from CNA and 5 points for reapplying. I made this thread from seeing the other ones from the past, this can be a spot to get see when people get their acceptance/denial letters. How many points will you be applying with??!!