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  1. AANP Exam

    Leik says both but I did not always find that to be the case on my exam. Know the classes and the stems and you will be fine. It is very straightforward. We took APEA predictor exams and my study group agreed that the actual AANP exam was less intens...
  2. Periop RN to AG Acute Care NP/RNFA

    I’m not sure why people are telling you that. I’ve been in the OR 10 years and just graduated from Indiana State with my MSN and passed AANP for my FNP exam. Any school would be lucky to have you.
  3. FNP Programs

  4. FNP Programs

    Check out Indiana State University. I just graduated and passed my AANP exam. I know you said long drawn out programs tend to lose your motivation but your original post was almost three years ago. What I am getting at is, yes my program was about tw...
  5. Acceptance Odds/Questions

    Hello, Did you check out Indiana State? I just graduated from their FNP program and passed AANP with flying colors! I am living in GA and was in CA. It was a fantastic program! Yes, they do require one year of nursing experience. It depends on y...
  6. AANP Exam

    I just passed!! Yes and no. I was surprised by this as I studied from Leik. I got a range for an A1C question but not a normal range for a Hemoglobin question. However, the hgb was obviously low at an 8.0. Good luck!! I am sure you will do great!
  7. Nurse practitioner salaries by specialty, experience, area

    Hi ZenNurse, I cannot find your post but noticed one about moving to ATL and a job outlook in approximately 2018. I was wondering how you are faring since then and if you have any tips for me? I am in Athens (for the last three months) and am abou...
  8. BIO 633 - Advanced Patho @ Indiana State

    All of the APN courses are open book on camera for tests.
  9. Should I become an NP?

    Hello Reaz, I have been in the OR for ten years. I think you have a great plan to start (I went straight to the OR after nursing school). You will need at least a year like the other replies to get "used to" the OR. It is a different animal. RNF...
  10. BIO 633 - Advanced Patho @ Indiana State

    The tests are not video proctored. You have 90 minutes though to get through 75 questions. So I just tabbed all my notes and read them thoroughly. You'll be fine. As far as papers, I took group lead for the first one which wasn't bad at all. I did t...
  11. BIO 633 - Advanced Patho @ Indiana State

    I am currently in it online. I am not sure how the summer program works for him. I would rather have the extra weeks. It is a TON of information in a short amount of time. He tests strictly from the lectures so I tab ALL of my notes and I have do...
  12. Indiana state University Fnp

    Hi there. I am currently in my second semester at ISU. I work full time and it has been challenging yet fair. Professors and my advisor have been easy to get ahold of the few times I have needed to. I begin my clinical rotations in spring 2019 so I w...
  13. Scholarships for NP

    Hi there, I was actually doing a search for scholarships when I came across your post. I am in my second semester at Indiana State University. It is great so far! Challenging, yet fair. I am learning a lot. So far I am paying about 3,300 each seme...

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