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  1. Hey Guys!So I've been reading through the blogs and it does appear that my chances for new RN positions when I graduate with my ASN in May 2019 are very dismal which I've come to terms with. My question now is how difficult is finding a nursing aid position or (maybe) LPN position in Oahu (in an acute setting)? It's the only island I'm intersted in considering I have family friends willing to help me out. Also, I plan on enrolling in an RN-BSN program prior to but I'm wondering if I would have a better chance down the line getting an RN position if I enrolled at UH-Manoa... or does it not matter. I truely would rather do a RN-DNP program. I am already sold on the idea of moving to Oahu come August/September 2019, I'm just trying to find the best way possible, I've visted multiple times and feel more at home there then I do where I'm from so this is really my forever home... I would rather just work as a CNA for a shorter amount of time. Also- anything that would make me stand out among others? Ex. PALS, ALS, etc...thank you so much for any input and if anyone is willing to connect on LinkedIn please message me! Hopefully this way one day I'll be able to repay you with some help as well!PS: I'm currently working per diem as an aid since I do work full time.