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  1. Ngelin90

    NYP "Unlicensed New Grad Nurses" Posting

    Hi all, I also applied to the licensed position from NYP, filled out questionnaire, did assessment, and emailed to follow up. No response yet. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon.
  2. Ngelin90

    New York Presbyterian Queens

    It seems like a good program that'll ease the transition from being a nursing student to a nurse . It is a full-time RN job, you go through orientation (I believe it may be 12 weeks, I could be wrong) and I assume after that, you are able to be on the floor with patients. I think orientation is based on the specialty you are hired for. If I get any updates I'll be sure to post.
  3. Ngelin90

    Roseman University ABSN October 2018

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  4. Ngelin90

    Roseman University ABSN October 2018

    Sure ... n_gelin90@yahoo.com :)
  5. Ngelin90

    Roseman University ABSN October 2018

    Hi , I got an invite for July 18 on Tuesday .
  6. Ngelin90

    Roseman University ABSN - Change, Growth and Learn

    Hi, I applied to Roseman for October, does anyone know if the computer fee mandatory? I already have a laptop.
  7. Ngelin90

    Roseman University ABSN October 2018

    He said roughly two weeks before the July interview. (July 18th)
  8. Ngelin90

    Roseman University ABSN October 2018

    Hi, I also applied for October and when I was speaking with my advisor he stated I'd be considered for the July interview ( I graduated with my bachelor's June 1). I also submitted my application May 1st. Good luck to everyone.

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