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    Omnibed tempe probe question

    We are currently having a debate in my NICU regarding manual mode and skin temp probes in the Omnibeds. In my old NICU, we would switch from servo to manual, dress and swaddle the baby, and leave the skin temp probe on for a while to monitor temps. In my new NICU, we remove the temp probes as soon as we switch from servo to manual with the reasoning that the temp probes are inaccurate once the kids are dressed and swaddled. Is it true that the skin temp probes are only accurate without clothes and swaddling? Also, I had a kid dressed and swaddled on pre-heat under the radiant warmer because she was running a little cooler, and attached a temp probe just to monitor. The next nurse removed the temp probe for the same reason as above - that it wasn't accurate because the kid was dressed and swaddled. What do you guys think? What is your practice in your NICU? One last thing...do you guys place your probes axillary or abdomen/flank? Thank you!

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