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  1. Jarek

    New ICU job

    Hi, I just had a chat with my new employer - ICU - who wants me to start job but only on night shifts. I’ve been away from ICU for a while and they are claiming that’s only for me to get used to the new facility. I’m not really buying this rationale. Surely I’d learn more during day shifts. Or maybe they just want to fill the gaps. Any insight?
  2. Jarek


    Can’t agree more.
  3. Jarek

    The Pre-Employment Background Check

    Hello Emily. Sorry nobody answered you. So how long have you waited for your background check? Asking as I’m waiting for mine 🙂
  4. Jarek

    Failed Nclex

  5. Jarek

    PVT after nclex

  6. Jarek

    Is 54 too old to get hired as a new RN?

    Hi! You are never too old. My best friend started nursing training being 54!!!! And now she is the best intensive care nurse! Age is just a number. Go for it!!!
  7. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    Thank you Wuzzie for this. Sorry if I annoyed you - it wasn't my intention. :-) Anyway... Here in London I have plenty of friends from US, Canada or Australia who works with me on Intensive Care. They came to UK, just to work for a while and travel/see Europe at the same time. So, they encouraged me to do the same - but the other way round - come to US, work for few months, and see the country. So, if there is anyone here, who knows and had some experience wit "Assignment America" or other agencies - please share... :-) thanks
  8. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    Do you really believe that Health Care system is not understaffed?
  9. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    Can't agree more. That's why I put that CNN article on. Same story in Uk.
  10. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    The US can't keep up with demand for health care workers
  11. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    I've got a notion that you didn't understand our question. "Assignment America" is an agency - that's why we are asking whether it is any good :)
  12. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    Yep, ICU with more than 10 years experience. Don't mind which state I end up but I passed NCLEX at NC. Thank you for reply :)
  13. Jarek

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    Any news re. Assignment America? I'm also looking for any feedback about them.
  14. Jarek

    Took My NCLEX yesterday 75 Questions - Help?

    Can't you get the "quick results" from Pearson? I had my NCLEX on the 10th dec. The trick worked for me :-)
  15. Jarek

    CGFNS CP certificate verification letter

    Just a quick update. Finally I managed to go through VisaScreen with CGFNS. Anyone wants any advice please contact me.
  16. Jarek

    CGFNS what can I do!!!

    Had the same issue with CGFNS. It is not that a itselve school seal is invalid, the problem is that CGFNS have nothing to compare the seal to... that's why they wrote a letter to your school for them to provide a "sample" of the seal. Any news now?