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smonty1025 has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. smonty1025

    Best ED's?

    Honestly we don't have a specific state in mind. I'm thinking of getting into travel nursing and we want to pick 2 or 3 western states (west as in out of the midwest, geographically from Colorado to the west coast) to float around in. My post was intentionally vague so as to a gather broad spectrum of information.
  2. smonty1025

    Emergency Nursing

    I was a part of a transition program while in nursing school that allowed us to work as student nurse/techs in the hospital until we graduated and passed NCLEX. I started on a med surg unit and I HATED the whole patient survey thing. We had meetings called "8 to great" that specifically focused on getting those 8 ratings to a 10. The whole idea aggravates me to no end. Its not a hotel, its a place to heal. I'm so glad to hear someone else had this issue. Transferring to the ED was amazing. I dont think I could work anywhere else.
  3. smonty1025

    Emergency Nursing

    I am an emergency RN with about 10 months of experience. I work in a level II trauma center in Indiana and I started fresh out of school. 1) It is a crazy environment that always keeps me on my toes. Every day is different yet still has somewhat of a routine in a sense of my job duties in given scenarios. I had the benefit of a fantastic team of managers and coworkers who are all very supportive. My preceptor was very knowledgeable and really helped me to see the 'why' behind what I was doing, not just doing things robotically. You have to critically think as a nurse to anticipate your next course of action. 2) I work 3, 12 hour shifts each week (7a-7p) and I have the option of picking up more hours if I want to. We have 4 different shifts in our ED, 7a-7p, 11a-11p, 3p-3a, and 7p-7a. If you are interested in a career as an ED RN you need to be flexible. Things can change in an instant and you need to be able to roll with it. You will be on your feet for hours and probably not have a structured break/lunch schedule. (Desk? What is this desk you speak of? lol) We have a 3:1 ratio with our patients and we triage them based on severity of symptoms and resources they will require (trauma bays typically are 1:1). 3) There is a very broad spectrum from paramedic to MD. Honestly, I don't think I would categorize paramedic into nursing because they work in different arenas. Paramedics and EMTs are your first responders, they provide care in the field and bring the patients to the hospitals to continue that care. While they are an important part of patient care, nurses don't typically work in the field with them or vise versa. Nurses are the bridge between the patient and the healthcare provider (MD, DO, PA, NP). We assess the patients and administer medications as well as some treatment (within our scope of practice). This being said, if you are considering a career as an RN, there are so many different areas you can go into if the ED doesn't sound right for you.
  4. smonty1025

    Best ED's?

    I'm an ED RN in Indiana currently working in a level II trauma center. My husband and I want to travel west sometime in the next year or two so I'm looking for recommendations of hospitals and emergency departments in the western states. Any tips on which states are better to work in would be great.
  5. smonty1025

    Info gathering

    ED RN here with my first year of nursing under my belt and I have been interested in traveling since nursing school. I am not looking to become a traveler before next year, I'm simply gathering as much information as I can right now. What advice could anyone offer as far as selecting an agency and preparing for this kind of career?