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    CEP Cumulative GPA

    Hi all! I applied to CGCC/UIU before the Janurary 31st deadline, however I got the email a few days ago stating I did not make the cut. I'm going to talk to my advisor to see what I need to do to be able to make the May 31st cut. I applied to UIU because of their 2.5 min cumulative GPA requirement because I thought I only had a 2.9 GPA. I was looking at my unofficial transcript today and realized that my 2.9 GPA is with my classes from CGCC, I did my other half at MCC. I left MCC with a 3.71 GPA before I decided to switch majors. That being said, would my cumulative GPA average out to be a 3.34 and not the 2.9? I ask because of the point scale the CEP program thrives off of. Sorry this is long, but I am thankful for your replies!