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  1. jr769941

    Kaweah Delta

    Oh awesome! I just started orientation on that floor. So questions were behavioral and clinical questions.
  2. jr769941

    Kaweah Delta

    Hey! I interviewed with them back in early March and heard back within a few days with an offer. But, I think they have a ton of new grads applying right now, so they may be taking a bit longer. Reach out to manager and HR to express interest. Any keep applying to any open positions you can . They have lots of transfer opportunities.
  3. jr769941

    Kaweah Delta

    Hey! Goodluck! So when I spoke to them on Friday last week, if I remember correctly, they had some ER,ICU,surgery, med surg, and maybe post partum ( but I’m not sure of that one)
  4. jr769941

    Kaweah Delta

    The pay is the same for anyone who has less than a year of experience, regardless of the unit. The starting salary from the offer they made to me back in March was $38.50 an hour, and I believe a $3 or $4 differential for night shift. And the training depends on the unit. But the expectation is that you commit to 2 years from hire date. If you don’t complete the 2 years and they offered you a stipend to help you relocate, you have to pay back half of that stipend. I think it was $2k to help you move. If they you didn’t have to relocate, I’m not sure what the process is if you leave before 2 years in regards to paying any money back
  5. jr769941

    Kaweah Delta

    No, not after talking with the recruiter. She was able to talk to me about what positions they currently have open and she let me know which positions she would forward my info to the hiring managers for.
  6. jr769941

    Nursing Shoes--- Nurse Mates?

    I just got some and they were true to size, but I tried them on in a store, so that might be a good idea if you can before ordering
  7. jr769941

    Chamberlain Sacramento Fall 2018

    Hey there, I did have 3.3 overall GPA,3.7 for the last 60 units, and I did not get accepted. They told me my HESI score was competitive, but that there were applicants that scored just as well, and had better GPA's. Since it is a for profit school, and they do not get funding based on students they accept, they pick the top of the top of the top only here in Sac since it's only 30 people they accept. Maybe look into the Nevada or Arizona campuses- they have more spaces and are therefore, not as competitive.
  8. jr769941

    Samuel Merritt Fall 2018 ABSN Program

    Hey there, I am currently taking it at SBCC, and I am using my built in macbook camera. When do you start? I finish it next week and CAN'T wait!!