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  1. headofcurls

    New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

    it’s okay. You’re not a bad nurse. I know you’re disappointed but this will mold you into a better nurse.
  2. headofcurls

    Suspended for touching a child's head and face

    Sigh. Patients and their families are making it more and more difficult to provide compassionate care. They keep reporting and suing us which is making us have to chart or and give more robotic care. It’s sad.
  3. headofcurls

    I made a mistake and I am terrified to go back to work

    It’s okay. You’re learning. You learned from this mistake. Every nurse makes mistakes. Show yourself some compassion.
  4. headofcurls

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Usually I think doxing is wrong, unless someone is doing something violent or illegal. I think we learned in nursing school and every single orientation not to post pictures or talk about patients in any way. I never talk about stuff at work (unless it’s something like a patient gave me a flower/card) or identify my job on social media for this very reason. I hope he finds something else and whoever unblurred his badge needs to get a life.
  5. headofcurls

    Which job would you take?

    Job two!
  6. headofcurls

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    I remember her.
  7. headofcurls

    Murder-Suicide of Elderly Couple Worried About Healthcare Bills

    Couldn’t agree more!
  8. headofcurls

    Murder-Suicide of Elderly Couple Worried About Healthcare Bills

    So sad. Where do we begin with solutions for the future? Things like this make me really want to have a hefty savings and some passive income in my old age, just to survive.
  9. headofcurls

    Med/surge RN wants to work in CVICU

    I know a lot of residency programs will consider you as long as you have less than a year of experience. So you might be able to apply for CVICU residency programs now if you wanted to.
  10. headofcurls

    Salary Offer

    More than fair.
  11. headofcurls

    Advice for CRNA

    That’s awesome! Congrats! I’m curious what school it is! I’d be so happy if I could get in with less than a year
  12. I think we'll brcome more lax about sexy pics because of social media. But I'm not gonna be the guinea pig for that.
  13. I also think you're trolling. It's not the best idea. When I was in school I took quite a few questionable pictures because it paid well but as I got closer to senior year I realized that the risk of ruining a professional career that offers a lifetime of financial support over quick money was just too much. I still am nervous about if those pictures ever make it out later in life and I know politics could never be in my future lol.
  14. Hospitals feel like factories to me but I do enjoy the fast paced atmosphere.
  15. I started out in mother baby. It was very boring but I liked talking to the patients and being in a happy environment. However, when I was ready to change specialties, it was difficult because I literally had no nursing skills (IVs/Foleys/disease processes/medication knowledge) but I did learn great time management, interpersonal skills, prioritization, and confidence. Now I'm in the stepdown, so far I like it. If I could do it all over again I think I would have started in med surg or the step down. I think variety and challenge suits my personality better than monotony and tediousness but everyone is different. Some people just want to go to work and be in auto pilot, I don't have kids or a family so I like some variety or I get very bored. One thing I will say, comparing mother baby and stepdown, mother baby is actually a really sweet gig!