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headofcurls has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. headofcurls

    found some cute cardiology shirt

    Are you serious? 🤣
  2. headofcurls

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia 2021

    Just making sure I understand correctly. You can apply without having the chem and statistics course as long as you complete it by the time you start?
  3. headofcurls

    2022 CRNA Start UT Health — Houston

    I also am travel nursing and haven’t been a part of any committees. I’m concerned about getting references. Any ideas?
  4. headofcurls

    New grad from online RN program with ZERO CLINICAL EXPERIENCE

    No worries!! You’ll learn everything on the floor. Besides that you can watch Youtube skills videos.
  5. headofcurls

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    I think about 14k, I paid it off my first year as a nurse.
  6. Very concerning indeed.
  7. headofcurls

    This is just like flu

    Just coming to comment on how OP said the deaths would just be 60k. 👀
  8. headofcurls

    Age vs Years Nursing

    I don’t know how y’all lasted so long. I’m coming up on four years and I’m tired!
  9. headofcurls

    Abandoning Ship

    Protect yourself! We will hold down the fort for you!
  10. headofcurls

    School Pretty Much Canceled Clinical

    Some of the responses here are very aggressive and the tone is getting in the way of the message (which is very accurate). For the sake of your own sanity, I’d recommend venting to your other classmates who will offer you more understanding and empathy. It sucks for y’all, clinicals are an exciting part of the experience and you were probably looking forward to graduation and all the other normal things that come with finishing nursing school. Unfortunately those things have been taken away. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Talk to your classmates so that you can get your opportunity to vent. I’m sure if you’ve gotten to my comment then you’ve already read the tons of other posts explaining why it’s important that nursing clinicals do not continue through this pandemic and why nursing school is a bunch of hooplah setting up unrealistic expectations once you actually get on the floor. Good luck to you! We will be excited to see you on the floor as an RN!
  11. headofcurls

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    I understand it’s a difficult time for you. Respect his boundaries. He’s not being unreasonable.
  12. headofcurls

    Afraid of dying

    I feel the same. Today, I was telling myself, “everyone will die, at least you’ll die saving others and you’ve lived a good life so far”.
  13. headofcurls

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    I really can’t believe this a topic 😂. I only knew of one nurse that was a cheerleader. Nurses tend to come from all walks of life with all different personalities and interests.
  14. headofcurls

    I Have No Words

    She was very inappropriate.
  15. headofcurls

    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    I think the note to the manager is a great final touch. Get back out there and start applying more. It sucks because this was your first ever nursing job, but you’ll look back at this years into your career and it won’t be such a big deal. I still think you should apply to women’s health jobs since that’s your passion/interest. I think jumping into LTC is more of a knee jerk reaction. Don’t worry, you’ll find something!
  16. headofcurls

    CRNA School Dismissal for B-

    WOW!. This is super scary. This makes me want to rethink my entire plan. One grade below 83 and instant dismissal... That’s absolutely horrible.