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  1. Where Do I Belong?

    I really enjoy educating patients and family members. As far as tasks go, I really hate doing all the med passes and trach care. All other tasks are fine. I find myself drawn to taking care of teens and young adults and then the elderly. (The happy e...
  2. Where Do I Belong?

    I'm in my third year of nursing and I am feeling VERY stuck. I have a lot of varied experience including: adult oncology/telemetry/medsurg and general pediatrics. At this point in my life I do not want to leave hospital nursing because I like working...
  3. Feeling Bored

    The old unit I was on was brutal. 14-15 hour shifts. 6 high acuity patients. No techs. It was just not a good unit
  4. Feeling Bored

    I work at a hospital with just one peds floor. So we are super low acuity and just general med surg. I definitely I want to move to an all children’s hospital! A hospital with just a small peds unit! Super low acuity and just basic med surg!
  5. Feeling Bored

    Thanks for the input! I’m a night shift nurse on a low acuity med surg floor. Not much to do after midnight when everyone is asleep and parents help with babies...
  6. Feeling Bored

    I have been a nurse for almost two years now. I spent the first year as a new grad on a medsurg/tele/oncology unit. That unit was wild. I learned something new almost every shift and almost every patient was a difficult case. My mind was always worki...
  7. Adult Oncology to Pediatrics

    Hi! I recently accepted a position in acute med/surg in Pediatrics and I'm so excited but super nervous. I've worked in acute oncology/medsurg/telemetry for a year now. My orientation for my new position is 6 weeks. Does anyone have any tips and reco...
  8. Hi! I am currently working full time as an oncology/medsurg/tele RN in Arizona and I am wondering where I can take classes to administer botox and juvaderm.
  9. New Nurse, feeling depressed

    Update: I have reached out to a counselor for help. It's sad I feel this way when I felt nursing was my calling. I will keep everyone updated.
  10. New Nurse, feeling depressed

    I have been working as a nurse since July of this year. I work on an oncology floor on the night shift. Lately, I have been falling into depression. I sleep all the time, I never want to do anything, and I haven't been putting any effort into anythin...
  11. New Nurse New Job

    I am starting a new job soon and I am so nervous! I have already gotten lost at the hospital just doing physicals and labs for the job!! Did anyone else feel lost and confused with a new job? I am also overwhelmed with new information. I hope I'm not...
  12. Mayo Clinic AZ new grad rn residency 2018

    Also got rejected
  13. Mayo Clinic AZ new grad rn residency 2018

    I know it's normally a long process but this seems longer than usual. My job is waiting to know if I got it and people keep asking me!!
  14. Mayo Clinic AZ new grad rn residency 2018

    I'm so mad it's the end of the week and we've heard nothing!
  15. Mayo Clinic AZ new grad rn residency 2018

    My withdraw button is also gone! Maybe this is a good sign :)