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  1. Snowtsukie

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    ps: I will be driving so I can help my you get to and from school :) i am from nyc cant wait to connect with you all
  2. Snowtsukie

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    Hey guys I was also accepted for May 2019 cohort!!! so I have two questions: 1. what other schools did you apply for? I just wanted to know so I have an idea of Villanova acting as a threshold for other schools. 2. I am looking for potential room mates for the program!!! I will be bringing my two corgis so you have to be okay with dogs :) please let me know I am prolly going to nova
  3. Snowtsukie

    Drexel ABSN

    Hi, I am a senior getting my Bachelors in Biology. I transferred from a previous school with a 2.3 GPA and now I am completing over 60 credits at my current institution with a cumulative of 3.1 GPA. Will DREXEL consider my 60 creds or overall for the ABSN program. Please help.