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  1. Medical Detox Transition Opportunity

    Hi all! I'm looking for some advice and insight into a potential job opportunity within addiction nursing. First off, I'm a fairly recent (December 2020) grad, and began my career working in an adolescent inpatient pysch unit. Now, don't get me wrong...
  2. @RNklur So when I applied a few weeks ago they had said that that Friday was the application date...but I've also seen it advertised a few times since then so maybe they extended the deadline? I had a recruiter reach out to me the next day after appl...
  3. Curious to know your thoughts...psych home health care?

    Hi @Stephanie Boehler I am based in MA! Would it be okay if I PM you? I would love to touch base some more and see if you could answer a few questions I have. Thanks!
  4. Cambridge Health Alliance Psych

    Hi everyone! I've recently applied to CHA for their new grad program, and have indicated to them that I am interested in psych. Psych has always been a passion of mine, and though I admit I have had some (not uncommon it seems) feelings of loss regar...
  5. @GoldenRN2022 I'm interested to know (if you don't mind sharing), how does the pay of this program compare to other new grad programs/traditional entry RN positions? Do you find it reasonable? Thanks!
  6. Curious to know your thoughts...psych home health care?

    Thanks for the reply @TheMoonisMyLantern ? I'm curious to know, did you work psych home care, or inpatient? I'd be interested in both, but it just so happens that I came across the new grad program and I feel as though it would be a better fit.
  7. I have recently come across a new graduate program that I am interested in applying to. The company is a home health care company, specializing in mental illness (stable individuals living with depression, ptsd, schizophrenia, etc.). I am super pumpe...
  8. What to do next??

    @nursy Thank you! ?
  9. What to do next??

    @Jedrnurse Understandable. I can only imagine what someone must be going through when an instance such as this occurs. But then again, I feel this applies to all areas of nursing. As a care provider, I value providing my patients with the utmost of c...
  10. What to do next??

    @Jedrnurse I haven't specifically worked on a spinal cord injury unit before, but I do have experience in a rehabilitation setting. At the facility where I work now, I would say that approximately 90% of the patients are immobile and require almost 1...
  11. What to do next??

    Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these trying times. I'm set to graduate in December (?) and am beginning to explore some of my career interests and opportunities more in-depth. Currently, I work as a CNA in an acute long-term ...
  12. Hi everyone! Today I was offered the position and have gladly accepted ? Now...what's everyone's favorite shift to work and why???
  13. So many helpful thoughts and insights! Thank you so much everyone! At this point I am still currently waiting to hear back regarding the position, but I believe I am set on accepting their offer if it is presented ?
  14. Hi all! I hope everyone has been safe and well throughout these unprecedented times. I'm looking for some feedback and thoughts regarding a potential job opportunity I have. To give you a background about myself to keep in mind, I am currently in the...
  15. Fall Semester and COVID

    So interesting to hear what everyone's schools have in mind! We spoke to our program director yesterday, and unfortunately she's still not sure if we'll be allowed back in the hospitals, mainly because of the fact that we're scheduled to complete our...