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  1. @RNklur So when I applied a few weeks ago they had said that that Friday was the application date...but I've also seen it advertised a few times since then so maybe they extended the deadline? I had a recruiter reach out to me the next day after applying.
  2. Hi @Stephanie Boehler I am based in MA! Would it be okay if I PM you? I would love to touch base some more and see if you could answer a few questions I have. Thanks!
  3. slove2718

    Cambridge Health Alliance Psych

    Hi everyone! I've recently applied to CHA for their new grad program, and have indicated to them that I am interested in psych. Psych has always been a passion of mine, and though I admit I have had some (not uncommon it seems) feelings of loss regarding my medical skills, future marketability, etc. I know it is where I'm meant to be. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with CHA and would be able to provide insight into pt population, most common diagoses seen, how safe they felt, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks 🙂
  4. I have recently come across a new graduate program that I am interested in applying to. The company is a home health care company, specializing in mental illness (stable individuals living with depression, ptsd, schizophrenia, etc.). I am super pumped for this program for several reasons, but at the same time, torn between potentially losing out on some foundational skills and more general experience. I always said that long-term I did not want to be hospital-based, and that a setting such as home care would better suit my personality, and I've always wanted to work psych. I do have some experience working as a tech now, and truthfully, the hospital scene isn't entirely something I'm feeling super confident or thrilled about. I'm curious to know other's thoughts. Has anyone entered straight into homecare and either loved/hated the experience? Has anyone struggled with feeling the pressure to assume a hospital-based position to start, even when they weren't thrilled about it? Also, just for reference as I know a lot of home health care gets knocked due to poor support/experience, this opportunity is a 12-month new grad residency program, working 1-1 with a mentor throughout your training period. Thanks! 🙂
  5. slove2718

    What to do next??

    @nursy Thank you! 😊
  6. slove2718

    What to do next??

    Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during these trying times. I'm set to graduate in December (😬) and am beginning to explore some of my career interests and opportunities more in-depth. Currently, I work as a CNA in an acute long-term facility, specializing in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. I really appreciate the relationships I have formed with my patients and their families, and when compared to my clinical med-surg setting this has become even more apparent to me. My prior work experience was heavily based on forming therapeutic working/supportive relationships, and it is something I genuinely value as an individual. Anyways, like other new grads I'm interested in exploring med-surg options, but long-term, I know this will not be for me. One opportunity that has particularly intrigued me is furthering my career working on a spinal cord injury unit. I feel as though I could bring experience to the floor from my current position, and think this would give me the patient-provider relationship I enjoy. Thoughts?? Does anyone have current or past similar experiences, and willing to share insight? Thanks! 😊
  7. slove2718

    Help! Potential job opportunity and not sure what to do!

    So many helpful thoughts and insights! Thank you so much everyone! At this point I am still currently waiting to hear back regarding the position, but I believe I am set on accepting their offer if it is presented 🙂
  8. Hi all! I hope everyone has been safe and well throughout these unprecedented times. I'm looking for some feedback and thoughts regarding a potential job opportunity I have. To give you a background about myself to keep in mind, I am currently in the process of completing an ABSN program and on track to graduate in December. Because of COVID, I was only able to complete about half a semester's worth of my med-surg clinical before being pulled. All other clinicals have been completed online, though we are expected to be returning to the hospitals this fall to complete our final med-surg II rotation. Prior to beginning the program, I was employed as a case manager for adults with developmental disabilities and also worked as a PCA for an individual with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. Although I did assist with some ADLs regularly, all of my clients were very independent in the sense that most assistance was provided through prompting. Other than that, I do not have medical experience. Recently, I applied for a CNA position to put to use some of the skills I have learned and supplement my experience (or so far, lack thereof). I would only be working per diem because of my school workload. The hospital caters mostly to rehab patients, specifically pulmonary and cardiac. My concerns are that the patients are essentially completely dependent, and I have very (very!) limited skills. The majority of my work would be ADL based. I was also told that because the patients are so dependent, it is much more physically demanding, and I'm pretty small. Orientation would only consist of about 2 days of learning the nitty gritty of the hospital, and two shadow shifts before I would be on my own. On average, I would be responsible for about 6 patients during the day/evening, or 8-10 during the overnight. One part of me wants to jump on the opportunity (if they even decide to offer me the position). I know getting in anywhere right now can be a struggle and fear that if I pass up the opportunity, I might be looking at unemployment and lack of experience for longer than I expected. I understand where people are coming from when they say that nursing is truly a career you just have to jump into and figure out, but I'm most concerned about just that; my utter lack of skills. My top priority is to provide safe, efficient, and effective care to my patients, so part of me feels as though it would be almost irresponsible to consider the position further (and yes, I was very honest during the interview about my lack of experience). Am I truly just overthinking things?? Help!
  9. slove2718

    Fall Semester and COVID

    So interesting to hear what everyone's schools have in mind! We spoke to our program director yesterday, and unfortunately she's still not sure if we'll be allowed back in the hospitals, mainly because of the fact that we're scheduled to complete our Med Surg II rotation, which leads to a greater potential for exposure. They also haven't made any decisions concerning online vs in-person classes, but she's thinking that most professors will move their classes online.
  10. slove2718

    Fall Semester and COVID

    I'm curious to know...what are your schools planning on for fall semesters due to COVID?? Here in MA, we're still in "Phase 1" of re-opening the state, and no one has heard how school will be impacted come the fall. Clearly, we were all pulled from clinical last semester, and have online simulations for the Summer. Have any nursing students been allowed back in hospitals yet??
  11. slove2718

    Straight Into Mental Health Nursing?

    Hi there 🙂 I'm wondering if anyone here has gone straight into mental health nursing??
  12. slove2718

    Case Management

    Nursing case managers, I'm curious to hear about your likes/dislikes of the job and career/education experience. Thanks! Stay safe and well 💞
  13. slove2718

    Curry college ACCEL 2019

    Congrats on getting through the program @pme42! I am wondering if you could report a bit on what studying techniques/tips you found to be most helpful? I understand that everyone has their unique styles of course. One thing in particular however; did you find the textbooks to be helpful? Personally, I prefer to use them as a reference for what is covered in class rather than trying to read and memorize all the material.
  14. slove2718

    Curry college ACCEL 2019

    Hi all! First off, congrats to everyone in the program; such an exciting time! I myself am anxiously awaiting the start of the Fall 2019 Plymouth program 🙂 We have just gone through orientation, and I can't wait! That being said, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to share their experience so far? What has been the best part of the program? The worst? How has everyone been handling school-life balance? Any insight into what is coming would be SO appreciated! Thanks!
  15. slove2718

    Curry College ACCEL Fall 2019

    I actually spoke with someone towards the end of last week about orientation. She said that she is hoping to send out an email sometime this week to confirm the date 🙂
  16. slove2718

    Curry College Plymouth 2019

    Congrats @EMS4life2019 🙂 Can't wait to meet everyone, and get started! August will be here before we know it!