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  1. What does your username mean?

    My name!
  2. Starting nursing school this fall. Any tips?

    Good luck, I'll be starting in the Fall too!
  3. MEN, dont come into nursing

    I just feel like it comes down to subjectivity. People enjoy it, people hate it. People like it at first, and end up loathing it , or vice versa. But then again I'm about to start nursing school so what do I know
  4. Happy to say I'll be starting in October with some of you! Please don't give up and keep on trying to those who were expecting different news, we're rooting for you all =]
  5. Awesome!! Thanks for letting us know. Good luck to everyone!
  6. That's exciting! According to a reply I got via email, they are "aiming for the last week of June," which is consistent with what others had said. Just a few more weeks!
  7. While we wait for our decisions to come in (and to get our mind off of it for a bit haha), might I ask what are everyone's plans with working and the nursing program if you guys were to get accepted? I've heard (from numerous people) that it is a str...
  8. For mine, I got "describe a time where you had to use interpersonal communication to get through a difficult work situation" (something along those lines). I found it beneficial to write out your thesis, 3 topic sentences, and your restated thesis fi...
  9. For those who have taken the TEAS prior and don't plan on taking it at NU, do we need to submit our score prior to our essay date, or are we able to submit it day of?
  10. How'd your essay go? I'm sure it went well!!
  11. Mine is on May 16th, also I just scheduled a writing center appointment at Spectrum library. Going to try and pick their brain about what to expect in terms of formatting, substance, and possible prompts that might show up!
  12. Huge congrats to the both of you for getting alternate, that's big news! I did have a few questions about the essay portion, and hope that you two would have some insight about it: 1. When do they let you know about your essay date? 2. Is there a tim...
  13. Hey! I had the same mindset, I wanted to take the TEAS as soon as possible just to see how it was formatted and how I can manage my time with the different sections of questions. I personally thought that the TEAS wasn't terrible at all! Definitely p...
  14. Greetings! Wondering if there are others who will be applying/have applied for Cohort 56, which would begin October 2018! If anyone is out there, hopefully this thread will a serve as a place to ask questions, provide insight/advice, vent, celebrate...