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Just a small town boy living in a big town world.

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ishoelace1519 has 1 years experience as a LPN.

I'm a former science teacher turned nurse (LPN).

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  1. ABSN at GCU

    Has anyone gone through Grand Canyon University's Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program option?
  2. gateway community college ct nursing applicants 2017

    Just an update to my post back in 2018. I completed the program at Gateway (YAY!) I'd be happy to answer anyone's questions about the program.
  3. Hello! I was just curious if anyone has either graduated or planning to attend Arizona State University's fairly new, I believe third year in the running, Master of Science in Nursing (Entry Level) for those with undergraduate degrees in other fields...
  4. gateway community college ct nursing applicants 2017

    Anyone, how is the program going?