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  1. They may not have been able to. I have been one-on-one where another staff was being 'mildly' (relatively) assaulted by a resident. I instinctively rose from my chair to go assist the staff, but she firmly told me to remain with my resident (I was new to this type of care). She restrained him and took him to the ground while I was seated with my resident about 10-15 feet away from them. After all was said and done, she apologized for for being abrupt ( she was not, it was just heat-of-the-moment). I was in awe, had never seen anything like that before. The s*** got real.... But then, they are the police. Maybe they just kept going because Security was there...?
  2. Ponymom2

    I suck at my Job should, I quit?

    Listen, knock off the negativity... Get some therapy or something... You need to stop kicking your own *** so much... I see a repeating theme in many of your posts... Just sayin's all. If your not cut out for health care, do something different. There's no shame in realizing health care isn't your forte. What the hell kind of comment is this? "Incompetence and ineptitude?" Your floor is understaffed... " Coworkers have to work harder to pick up my slack?" Your floor is understaffed... "No way I'll ever be successful in the LPN program?" Your floor is understaffed... "Useless, worthless", yada yada yada (oh Good Lord)...the rest of your comments is just whining and you sound like a sniveling child. You're by yourself on a floor that has 32 residents... What the hell, ain't nobody got time for that... Stop your sniveling and buck up... Your floor is understaffed. Is that your fault and are you willing to take the blame for that, too? Is your nurse truly having to work harder to get their job done because of your "incompetence and ineptitude", or is it maybe because your floor is understaffed, instead? Now normally I would be of the belief that if anyone is giving you a hard time because you can't keep up with the needs of 32 residents, you need to learn to take it upon yourself to teach them how to treat you... But, You are not in a place right now (based on your previous posting history) to accomplish that without falling apart... It might be best to leave health care and get some therapy. As far as LPN/RN school goes, don't go into it with the attitude that you have right now, not only will you most surely fail (and school is the easiest part of this whole nursing life) you would have taken up a spot that someone else could have taken. Talk to someone, get yourself to a restful and positive place. Then come back fighting. I do wish you well.
  3. Ponymom2

    $3.85 dollars an hour. I may cry

    You started working not knowing what you were gonna be paid?
  4. Ponymom2

    Feeling betrayed and mentally unwell

    Jesus Christ what the hell are you still working there for.... Get out, call off and don't look back. Good Lord....
  5. Ponymom2

    Compression socks yes or no?

    Yes yes to compression hose...I wear either the pantyhose or the knee-length....depending on the job (riding or walking around work, at my stand-up desk, or at a stand-up job all day or in another office sitting down for the most part) and the weather (cold in the plant or very very hot). Get the good ones, they're heavy and hot and strong enough to tow your car with, but they truly do work. I pay about $40 per pair for the full panty hose and $20 per pair for the knee-length...but I don't shop online...you may find them cheaper online. Get a shoe that is 'deep'; that will take a custom orthotic and nice thick sock, and still have lots of room for your toes to move. You can also buy hose that only support the calf of your leg (basically a sleeve)...I do have a couple pairs of them and they do help...in the summer, my plant routinely hits 100*-105* and it's just tooooo hot to wear the full-footed stocking or knee-high... they're not quite as supportive, but at least it's something and they're worth having. Take care of your legs..
  6. I agree wholeheartedly with this.
  7. Ponymom2

    An Open Letter to Senator Walsh

    Meh, just tell the pig to knock the s*** off and get her lazy *** to the nearest hospital/ltc/what have you and see for herself. And try a little research before pottying out such a stupid remark... Dumbass... Just one more example of why neither one of those two parties is worth a crap in the corner.
  8. I'm sposed to be Ponymom...
  9. Must have been a helluva party...
  10. Ponymom2

    Hoping they fire me

    Why not just leave? Why not just call the doc and staff out on their negative behavior?
  11. Ponymom2

    How can you help me?...Let me name the ways...

    You had a great team. And this is what real nursing includes, but honestly, it seemed almost fictional to me to read this...Not that your story is fictional, but that the facility you were in was obviously staffed appropriately for you to be treated the way you were. If I could have devoted my time to appropriately care for my patients in this manner, I would have never left nursing.....never. Wishing you continued healing and thank you for this.