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  1. DannyBoy8

    Law School???

    Seriously reconsider unless you have a decent shot at t-14, or top 50 with scholarship. The legal market isn't what it once was and graduates from second and third tier programs are likely to find themselves chasing ambulances, fighting parking tickets, or selling real estate. I have friends who have fall into both categories and it is incredibly difficult to climb to the top when you come from a bad school unless you have connections (and by connections I don't mean your neighbor or the dude whose lawn you cut in h.s.). The following calculator should give you an idea of where you stand once you have a baseline for the LSAT. https://mylsn.info/dispresults.php
  2. DannyBoy8

    Off orientation this week so scared

    Worst case, you kill someone.
  3. This journal article you cite is from what academics refer to as a 'fake journal', or a 'through away journal'. People pay to have their research published either in dollars or in favors. Politically motivated nonsense.
  4. DannyBoy8

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    Unsurprisingly, you can never say 'never'. Depending on the location of the ectopic, expectant management is possible - in particular with cesarean scar ectopics. Live birth rates between 50-80% with relatively little mortality. That being said, terminate your ectopics people!
  5. DannyBoy8

    Yes on 1! Yes on Ratios!

    Many of nurses who opposed this proposition were in some level of the management hierarchy. It also seemed like nurses who work in settings that would not have been covered by the proposition were quite bitter about that fact (LTC, nursing homes, etc.) News flash for them, now that won't ever happen. Then there were some nurses who were intimidated by their management and c-suite....scare tactics work, sadly. Naturally, some folks were opposed on political grounds. I think there are some good arguments against ratios, but those arguments don't outweigh the benefits. Interestingly, the yes:no ratio almost directly matches the support:opposition expenditure ratio.
  6. My thoughts exactly. She probably isn't aware of the expansiveness of nursing. If your brain is truly an academic powerhouse, there's no shortage of ways in which to put that thing to use. To name one route, BSN>PhD (legitimate PhD)>research, leadership, private sector
  7. It probably depends on your profile as an applicant and like anything else in life, connections that you've made.
  8. DannyBoy8

    Nurse Imposters

    Criminal/civil charges can be brought depending on the state.
  9. DannyBoy8

    Climate Change Nursing?

    If you're geographically restricted to the point that you can't attend an in-person DNP/PhD (really consider the latter) program in a policy hub, you might want to closely examine how you might get value from all of that investment. You might have some luck by looking into environmental health.
  10. DannyBoy8

    Yes on 1! Yes on Ratios!

    Election day is near. If you're available to volunteer by holding a sign at a polling place on election day see link below. The hospital industry has spent over $20 million dollars to mislead voters by overstating the cost of nurse ratios and by using lazy nurse managers/administrators/executives to spread false information. Vote yes on 1! Election Day Volunteer - Safe Patient Limits SAVE LIVES
  11. DannyBoy8

    Nurse Staffing Ratios Up for Public Decision? Ballot 1 in MA

    Your love is welcomed here.
  12. DannyBoy8

    Nurse Staffing Ratios Up for Public Decision? Ballot 1 in MA

    My dear Bridgid, you could not sound more elementary on this issue if you tried. Regurgitating to us the same scare tactics that corporate interest groups have created in an attempt to dissuade voters and protect their profits isn't going to get you far around here. "The general population of MA is being asked to vote on a bill without any knowledge of how healthcare works as whole". With that flawed logic you can make the argument that the public shouldn't vote on anything that doesn't have to do with taking a dump or breathing - activities we all do. The figure from the report produced by a paid consulting agency that you're referencing is grossly inflated. Stick to your day job. That is of course unless this is what you do during the day. In that case, stick to your overnight call room.
  13. DannyBoy8

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    How did I deal with it? I went back for my MSN-NP. Left 'em in the dust.
  14. DannyBoy8

    Any Mormon/LDS nurses here? I need help?

    That's all well and good. Feel free to keep on with that mantra. The rest of us are protected by title VII. Also, cultural practices and distinct from religious ones and aren't one and the same (re:lunar new year). We live in a country where employment discrimination and accommodation are enforced by government agencies and by the civil courts. To suggest the EEOC is anything short of incredible is nonsense. They've been addressing institutional and case-by-case discrimination for decades and have won many battles on behalf of marginalized communities. "On June 1, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court held in an 8-1 decision written by Justice Antonin Scalia that an employer may not refuse to hire an applicant if the employer was motivated by avoiding the need to accommodate a religious practice. Such behavior violates the prohibition on religious discrimination contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964" Should you encourage your Vietnamese friends to sue employers who won't accommodate the lunar year time off? Not unless there is a religious component to their request, but as you framed this issue, it is a cultural practice. Finally, employers are protected from ridiculous and costly accommodations by the undue hardship clause of Title VII. Which is something you'd know about if you actually took a minute to inform yourself on the matter before spewing your thoughts all over this thread. So it very well might be the case that an employer can't accommodate a request for certain days off, but that is going to be on a case by case basis. A large unit with 150 RNs would have a much more difficult time arguing that it is a burden compared to a small unit with 30-40 RNs.