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  1. DannyBoy8

    toxic culture, materialism, and unionism

    Seduce the supervisors significant other; that'll show 'em. And next time join the union or find a non-union gig.
  2. DannyBoy8

    CDC lists 6 new symptoms associated with COVID-19

    There were two strains circulating as of a month ago, A & G, I believe, but don't quote me. One was more virulent than the other.
  3. DannyBoy8

    Future Nurses are Brighter Than Ever

    Undergraduate classes like A&P, Chemistry, and algebra are easier now. The latest round of students who graduated HS since 2014 need to be handled like a delicate piece fine china from the 18th century. God forbid an expectation isn't fully spelled out in the class objectives. They'll collapse like a dying star under the "enormous" weight of an unexpected test question.
  4. DannyBoy8

    Why not quarantine McDonald's and ban soda pop?

    In a system of socially supported healthcare that levies taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, we should also increasingly tax food production entities that help to grow a more costly population of healthcare recipients.
  5. DannyBoy8

    COVID-19 and extinction of human species

    And Americans could not consume saturated fats and sugar to such a grand scale that their behaviors overwhelm us with millions of obese, diabetic, and hypertensive walking strokes-waiting-to-happen. Behavior change is easier said than done.
  6. DannyBoy8

    Unprofessional Conduct Online

    Yes, yes I do.
  7. DannyBoy8

    Unprofessional Conduct Online

    Unrelated, but do you happen to own a farm in Colorado?
  8. An economist from Harvard was recently on a podcast and estimated a 5-10% of a collapsed society. That doesn't mean mad max/road warrior situation, but rather that people cease working together in relative harmony. Which believe it or not, prior to COVID, we were living in relatively peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous time of human history. I think the new findings out of California that we are only detecting 1 out of 50 cases might have changed his estimate for the better.
  9. DannyBoy8

    Unprofessional Conduct Online

    There is a difference between saying "f- the Iranians" with regard to their antagonizing military actions against our service members, and "f- all Iranians, their culture is sh*t". Not that I'd post the either to any social media account, and I certainly don't hold the latter as a belief. The lessons here are that you should mind your own business unless this RN has posted something so vile to the point that it would jeopardize their ability to function as a nurse and do no harm. I.e. - "I hate all Iranians and wouldn't provide good care to anyone from that country". But, it doesn't sound like this was the case. The other lesson here is that Governments ruin it for the people. The Iranian government is indeed a piece of junk; whereas, I've have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Iranian American's who I know and other Iranians I've met whilst traveling the world. The other truth is that social media should be for posting pictures of your birthday party or kayaking trip. Oh, facebook circa 2008, those were the days......Now, every unhappy 40-year old working 60-hour weeks with no vacation has to flex their stress and ruin it for us.
  10. DannyBoy8

    World Health Organization

    COVID-19 is remarkably different than SARs. The incubation period is longer, we have asymptomatic spread, we are sicker for longer, and it is communicated more easily. Just because SARs and COVID come from the same family of viruses does not mean they are comparable, I.e. Ebola vs Marburg, HIV vs HTLV. SARs was a virus that killed its host relatively quickly, which is a bad "strategy" for its own longevity. COVID has basically a perfectly planned terrorist attack. It sets off a bomb in a patient, and then waits for people to come help over the course of a 3 week hospitalization (RNs, MDs, etc.), and then sets off secondary bombs in each of those victims once infected - rinse and repeat. The fact of the matter is that a modern health care system is setup to contain Ebola. We easily identify those are are infected and contagious as they are symptomatic and then we protect ourselves from contact with bodily fluids. Unfortunately, countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone don't have such a strong infrastructure. Obama had nothing to do with containing the spread; just like the presidents of France, Spain, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Norway had nothing to do with containing an outbreak in their respective lands. It had everything to do with a functioning healthcare system that has been matured over the last century - not the case in the West African nations that suffered through the Ebola 2014 outbreak. Don't take my word for it though. "Schleiss said the SARS virus didn’t have the “fitness to persist in the human population,” which eventually led to its demise. Schleiss added this doesn’t seem to be the case with COVID-19, which seems to be able to spread and thrive in the human body. Overall, though SARS’ death rate was higher, COVID-19 has led to “more fatalities, more economic repercussions, more social repercussions than we [had] with SARS,” Johnson said." Dr. Schleiss is an infectious disease expert at UofMinn
  11. DannyBoy8

    World Health Organization

    I'm not really interested in pandemic politics. The fact of the matter is that Obama was late to the show, as in he showed up for the curtain call. Trump, well, he just decided to burn the theatre down. Obviously Trump has completely boondoggled the coordination of resources, but Obama didn't exactly knock it out of the park with Ebola. At best he flew out to left field and maybe got an RBI since he did leave some pandemic prevention measures in place after his departure, that were then subsequently demolished by DJT. The WHO = good. End of story.
  12. DannyBoy8

    World Health Organization

    Ebola, SARs, and swine flu are all limited by attributes of the virus, to include: mode and lack of ease of transmission (ebola), shorter incubation period (all 3), and a predominantly symptomatic contagious period (again, all 3). COVID has a long incubation period during which time the host is contagious and spreads the virus with relative ease. The WHO considers contact tracing to be essential in the containment of Ebola, whereas it is a futile effort with COVID. From a purely epidemiological standpoint, we would still be exactly where we are with Clinton as president. We'd likely have more vents, PPE, and social welfare benefits; but, we'd still have the virus, social distancing, and a stand-still economy. Furthermore, the consensus by most in the global health community was that the Obama admin did a poor job of responding to Ebola and was well behind the curve. The US Gov't was lobbied for months during the Spring and Summer of 2014 by international entities who requested assistance as cases continued to rise exponentially. Strong criticism was directed at his inaction by MSF/Doctors Without Borders - an organization with a sterling reputation as a beacon of impartiality and apolitical opinion. It wasn't until October/November of 2014 that President Obama appointed his Ebola Czar and sought funding to fight Ebola. Obama sent the USPHS to Liberia very late in the game.....as in they treated 42 patients....out of 10,675.
  13. DannyBoy8

    World Health Organization

    The WHO as a bureaucracy has its pro's and con's. They have certainly done more good than harm. The fact is that the public health apparatus is designed to respond to disease and mitigate panic when a response would be futile. What was the WHO supposed to do? Announce to the world what any epidemiologist who was worth their weight in gold already knew, that containment was impossible and the spread of a very serious contagion that would overwhelm healthcare systems was imminent. The reality is that the highest powers in the world knew what was going to unfold, recognized that there was little to do about it, and week-by-week they used public health messaging to groom the public into being agreeable as opposed to an uncontrollable mob. The most intelligent and informed individuals representing the most capable intelligence agencies in the world warned our president in the early days about what was to come. I'm not a fan of the man, but a Democrat in office would not have saved us from this situation. Now, would their response and coordination of our states been better; I think so - but that is besides the point of this thread. It isn't a conspiracy theory, it was just the only way to preserve order. Let's not pretend for a second that the highest channels weren't aware of what would soon unfold. The goal of this administration as always been to undermine the UN and any global union of sorts.
  14. Honestly, I'm not convinced that the OP isn't a med student troll sent to us from studentdoc.com. With no classes, they'd sure have the time on their hands. Joined April 14th.....something smells fishy and it isn't BV.
  15. Sure you wanna like that comment, Juniper? I ain't no conservative. 😉
  16. "Loud noises!"

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