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DannyBoy8 has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. DannyBoy8

    Most of the class cheating??

    The number one regret I have from nursing school is not reporting someone who was blatantly cheating before my eyes. I was too tired after studying all night before the exam and decided to just go home and sleep. Other options include reporting this behavior to the state BON and/or the accrediting entity that has vetted your program. An additional alternative would be to have a non-nursing and non-school friend video tape this behavior from outside the classroom window. If it is as blatant as you say it is, the cheating shouldn't be hard to capture, even on an iPhone. It's wonderful to make life long friends in nursing school, but these don't sound like the type of life long friends you want. Like the previous poster said, do consider the ramifications re: professors being somewhat "in on it" to a certain degree and how that might play out for you. My vote, burn 'em to the ground. Just be ready for the storm unless you can get it done anonymously. I.e. make an anonymous email and eventually prove you owned the email account after you send your complaint.
  2. DannyBoy8

    Problem etiology symptoms nursing diagnosis help

    Look for research on 'early arom'.
  3. lol, new grad nurse coming in to drop kindergarten knowledge bombs on us.
  4. DannyBoy8

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    Breaking news. MENCLEX will be 69 questions - for obvious reasons. Crotch scratching, beer chugging, and superbowl viewing will be permitted during the exam. Additional percentage points will be allotted for bad breath and number of fireball shots consumed. Short answer questions will assess your recall of useless sports stats. Matching questions will force you to prove that you have a pulse. The certification will be as a registered murse i.e. Danny Boy, RM
  5. DannyBoy8

    New grad in need of NCLEX studying advice

    Kaplan. Whatever they prescribed.
  6. DannyBoy8

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    The MENCLEX is now accepting registrations. Working expeditiously with state BONs to get our exam approved for licensing. We just hope and long for a test that requires no man have to go all the way ever again. #75justice pm me for the answer to question 1.
  7. DannyBoy8

    where and how can i learn to do a pelvic exam

    WHNP post-masters program?
  8. I hope that whatever your decision is, you make it for yourself and not out of concern or consideration for the hospital, the unit, or the manager. You'll be 1.5 years out of nursing school if you wait until 3 months postpartum to start a new gig, right? That is less than ideal. Sure, L&D is kind of a small world, but it is not that small. And it's not like your name & photo will go up on some 'wanted' website of piss poor orientees. I worked with a woman who went through L&D residency with horrible N&V - needed a zofran pump. She called out frequently. She eventually had to take leave. She finished the 12 week residency, worked for a few weeks, and then circled back around to restart work a few months after her delivery. So, about a 6 month hiatus? She is still an OB RN after an abbreviated orientation once she returned. You could always start the job. See how it goes. And call it quits a few weeks into orientation if need be. This happens anyways in many nursing realms with a steep learning curve....at least you have a good reason. Like you said, it's not even your dream unit, so you're not blowing your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You know your extenuating circumstances (distance, tolls, high-risk status) that you have to weigh. Just make a decision for yourself, not out of concern for the hospital. If they don't take you back, you'll have some experience and can explain your circumstances to the next OB hiring entity. If they're offended by your high-risk pregnancy and resulting circumstances, they are what's wrong with our maternal health care system.
  9. So you want to listen to the geriatric white dude who has changed his tune more times than a cheap guitar in the hands of a toddler? #mesoconfused
  10. So a leader of our country shouldn't use her platform to echo the voices of many black women who have shared their experiences dealing with institutional racism and implicit bias? Are you implying she should carry on with issues only pertaining to Americans who mirror her identity?
  11. Ditto. In the maternity world we like to report black women to social work for behaviors a, b, and c. But when our white patients demonstrate those same behaviors, we tend to explain them away. I've seen it, likely been a party to it, but eventually recognized how we label behaviors by race and often give our white patients the benefit of the doubt. We desperately need more diversity and empathy in nursing. Identity congruence in the patient-clinician dyad is a good place to start.
  12. DannyBoy8

    Playing Cards

    Wait, y'all don't play craps on the OR tables in between patients?
  13. Certain DNP programs with poor reputations and low standards threaten the legitimacy of the DNP degree?
  14. DannyBoy8

    Will you get your DNP

    Will you get a DNP?
  15. DannyBoy8

    Breaking New Grad Contract

    I broke a new grad contract that sounds like it was similar to yours. I looked into the contract details and found numerous clauses that the hospital failed to fulfill. For example, the contract it said that they would provide so many hours of training that was far beyond the actual amount of training I received. I made this and a few other points in a very politely, but sternly, worded letter to the legal department. Never heard a thing after that.
  16. DannyBoy8

    Law School???

    Seriously reconsider unless you have a decent shot at t-14, or top 50 with scholarship. The legal market isn't what it once was and graduates from second and third tier programs are likely to find themselves chasing ambulances, fighting parking tickets, or selling real estate. I have friends who have fall into both categories and it is incredibly difficult to climb to the top when you come from a bad school unless you have connections (and by connections I don't mean your neighbor or the dude whose lawn you cut in h.s.). The following calculator should give you an idea of where you stand once you have a baseline for the LSAT. https://mylsn.info/dispresults.php

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