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  1. IL-RN

    Passed my NCLEX in IL

    I was aware of that as well. But my anxiety and impatience still had me freaking out, reading other posts on allnurses. Reading the posts and trying the tricks only increased my worries. I wrote this post in hope that someone in the same shoes I was in after taking my NCLEX sees this post before any others and doesn't bother with what I did.
  2. IL-RN

    Passed my NCLEX in IL

    It takes 48 hours to get "quick results" on Pearson if quick results are allowed in Hawaii. My point on this post was to let people know - don't freak out!!! The number of questions you get does not matter. And the PVT is not accurate. Let me know when you get your results - I'm sure you did great.
  3. IL-RN

    Passed my NCLEX in IL

    I had to make a post on here, because the past few days prepping for NCLEX and waiting for results have been horrible and I was on allnurses forum a lot searching for a way to tell if I passed, or what to expect. I took my NCLEX on 3/13 at 2pm. All I did to prepare was UWORLD, nothing else. I studied for an hour-two every day for about three weeks. I wrote down the rationales to what I got incorrectly and the things I felt I wasn't so sure on. I was in the median percentile rank when I finished UWORLD, with only like 800/2000+ questions left in the test bank. The computer shut off after four hours, question 173 for me. I was freaking out. I left the testing center feeling like everyone else seems to feel, super uncertain and not feeling confident at all. I frantically got home and tried the PVT (Pearson Vue Trick). I got the "bad" pop up. I tried again and again for the next 24 hours, still getting the bad pop up. *anxiety increasing* Some of my classmates got results within 24 hours on Continental Testing Services website/login (site). I was also trying that every two hours and still nothing after 24 hours. But finally, today (3/15) around 8 am I checked on Continental's site and there it was "PASS"!!! Around 2pm, when 48 hours was up I paid the $8 to get quick results on Pearson, just for some more peace of mind. SO! With that said, I got the bad pop up and passed. I freaked out for 24+ hours reading forums and trying this stupid trick that doesn't work. Don't believe or freak yourself out over the PVT, don't even try it. If you're in IL - your results will probably be on Continental's website before Pearson's and it's free. I PASSED AND AM NOW OFFICIALLY A RN!!