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    I'm Scared of Getting Fired

    Hi all, I am probably in a unique situation regarding nursing. I am a registered Civil Engineer and have my master's in civil engineering. I hated it, and I gave my life to that profession and left my job with the Corps of Engineers (position was in West Virginia), and was fired from 3 jobs which were for different reasons unethical or just me getting into kind of a scapegoat job where the person I was hired mainly so someone else could be fired. I've done some amazing things, I've worked as a driller's helper at the coal plant, inspected the foundation for a high rise in downtown charlotte, and worked on multiple highway projects with paving crews through the hot summer and at night with lots of drunk drivers. I've made enough money that I've paid off my car and bought a small really awesome townhome finally back in the area I grew up and want to be in, RDU after 7 years of working out of town. I never let my professional failures hold me back and stuck to my guns and always quickly found new work. To not get too detailed I never did anything wrong, but more or less didn't fit in. I cried so hard when my boss fired me from my last job because I knew I had done everything I could and I was going to leave engineering. He said the job I was in didn't require a professional engineer and it was most likely because I was paid more and they were going to bring in someone entry level (I was working on the highway on a very dangerous project). I started at a home health agency and started getting a lot of praise from my clients family and boss for like the first time ever. I am getting my CNA while taking pre req's for getting my ADN. My plan is to start working for Duke as a CNA (already interviewed for med surg) and later when I get my ADN to work there and get my BSN online (cheapest way to do it if it works). The home health job (I mainly worked with people in a facility though) is sporadic and as with the territory people end up dying. I was lucky enough to hold my clients hand and comfort him as he died (he had no family). I felt so good doing that. Now I am getting a part time job at Harris Teeter while I finish CNA school for bills. I just really need some internet love and good vibes because I've literally gone through hell and worked some very dangerous jobs and just horrible projects in construction and engineering. I'm 30 and I read a lot of stuff that makes me feel like with nursing I could be fired at any second is that it is like the most intricate impossible job ever. I know that if have the smarts to make it through engineering licensure and practice that I have what it takes to be a nurse. I have this terrible feeling that I will pass everything, get my NCLEX, and then be at work one day and some ambiguous situation where I'm just moving to fast or slowly for someone's personal taste and it results in my being fired and thus unable to be a nurse anymore. As a second career I feel obviously very strongly that this isn't really an option. Can someone tell me everything is going to be OK or give a little advice? I've given a lot more of myself than most people by the time they are my age (30) and honestly don't have the strength to fight against whatever the counterpart for bad companies and shady construction middlemen are in the health care field. I don't know if originally I would have considered nursing, but I feel that I have been shaped into the caring person I am today because of what I've gone through and that is something unique to me that will make me a great nurse and team member.

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