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  1. I'm a full-time CM working with the PPV model and my census has been low for months. Generally, my agency keeps me consistently busy but I don't think I can keep waiting for more SOC's. Today I had 3 visits, tomorrow 2. I prefer 5-7 visits per day. ...
  2. Working on my DNP considering aesthetics.

    Hi DPhilp, I'd private message you but I think there's a required number of posts before that option is available. Anyway, I'm an RN interested in aesthetics nursing and I was drawn to your enthusiasm for the field ? I posted some questions last wee...
  3. Gaining experience/knowledge in HH

    Thanks Caliotter3! That's a great idea. I'll ask my supervisor about getting some reps in after our case conference meetings once a month. I was just pondering the fact that we have all these inservices on Oasis and billing but literally nothing on i...
  4. Gaining experience/knowledge in HH

    Thanks Daisy4RN! Sometimes I get suckered into thinking I should have all the answers when they really should be going to their MD's. I like calling the MD in the home, then the patient can see my effort to help them. Even if it's just leaving a mess...
  5. I really hit it off with one of the injector/laser nurses at the dermatology clinic I occasionally go to. She's hoping to retire soon and thinks I might be a good fit down the road. I have zero experience, I'm currently working in home health, but sh...
  6. Gaining experience/knowledge in HH

    Thank you for your feedback and perspective. You are absolutely right about setting ourselves up as specialists when we're very much generalists. It'd be impossible to be experts in everything we encounter: wound care, cancer pain, palliative care, n...
  7. Gaining experience/knowledge in HH

    I've been doing home health for just over a year and for the most part it's been very satisfying. Prior to this I worked as a nurse supervisor in post-acute rehab for a couple years so the pace of home health was a much needed break. The hours work w...
  8. Mobile X-ray Services

    Are any of you field nurses able to carry out orders for mobile xray services? I feel like this could be very handy in the case of a bedbound patient needing an xray to r/o PNA, fecal impaction etc. I received an order for mobile CXR for just that, t...
  9. Patient education

    Thank you so much for enlightening me about "stoplight" tools! This is exactly the kind of systematic approach I've wanted to take with my patients but there's no way I could've created all that from scratch. I've registered and begun printing the ha...
  10. RN Home Health

    I'm in Socal where a 3 bedroom apartment rents for approx $3000/mth (just for context) SOC- 100 Recert/ROC/DC- 65 SNV- 55 Non-billable discharge- nothing, not a penny (curious if other agencies reimburse for this)
  11. Patient education

    No, never heard of it. Please share.
  12. Patient education

    Wondering if any of you have a system for what you teach and when you teach it. For instance, I've heard of some nurses teaching safety measures on the first f/u visit after the SOC, then pain mgt, then the medications. Also heard of some nurses tea...
  13. Charting in the home

    The prospect of coming home at the end of the day with nothing or very little to chart makes me giddy :) When I'm scheduling patients I've started to allot some time for charting. For example for a follow up I'll allot 30min for the visit and 10 min...
  14. Charting in the home

    Hi Libby1987, I'm newish to HH and I've finally begun charting my follow-up visits in the home. It's amazing what a time saver that is at the end of the day. I'm wondering how feasible it is to chart a SOC/ROC/Recert/DC in the home. Any tips for maki...