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  1. westadn

    How much prep for NCLEX after graduation?

    Thank you for your input! I definitely don't want to wait to take the NCLEX and am already bracing myself for studying hard! I have a Saunders book that I'll be sure to use as well.
  2. westadn

    Boise State RN-BSN

    Hi everyone, I'm writing to ask about peoples' experience with Boise State University's RN-BSN online completion program. I have registered for summer classes (5 credits, NURS-RN 306 & 430 from May 27- June 30, and NURS-RN-306 from June 24- August 11). These classes will be my first with BSU and I will also have to take the NCLEX after I graduate in May. I'm planning to take the NCLEX as soon as I can, but in the event that I can't take it before my classes start, will I be able to manage these classes and study for/ take the NCLEX? What was your overall effort and time commitment while taking the RN-BSN classes compared to nursing school? I am also planning to work full-time while I complete my BSN, but I am not working right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone, I am curious how much study/ NCLEX prep people do after graduation to get ready for NCLEX. I am starting summer classess for my BSN 2 weeks after I graduate. I'm hoping I'll be able to take the NCLEX within a couple weeks of graduating (which might be difficult because I can't actually schedule the exam until I get my authorization to test, I think) and then move on to my online BSN classes afterward. Any thoughts on NCLEX prep time commitment/ timeline for taking the NCLEX after graduation? I am already in the process of applying for my nursing license now and will graduate in May. Thanks in advance!