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  1. Memorial Hermann Nursing Residency Spring 2021

    Hi there, congratulation on the job offer!! That's wonderful! Did you get into Sarofim heart ICU or IMU? I'm still waiting for the follow up call/email and haven't heard anything yet... I applied to heart IMU 😞
  2. MD Anderson PSNE 2019

    Hi there, This is not really a related question, but I recently got accepted to the PSNE program this Summer and I was thinking to get a private place to stay during the program. Is there anyone who would like to share a place or know any place that...
  3. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    No, since they've already got your transcript and your HESI scores, you just need to pay another application fee of $60. If they need anything, it's gonna shown on your to-do list item. Mine was just pop up as 2 different application, both were "unde...
  4. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    Even though mine still say "under review", I have applied for the spring 2019 2 days ago, I hope that with this early application, we might get at least a transcript evaluation. It will be my last time applying to this school also, I probably start o...
  5. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    I haven't received any evaluation yet. It get me really nervous too..
  6. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    Thank you, I am going to send another email then 😂
  7. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    Can I ask you what email did you send your question? I use
  8. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    I emailed the admission about the transcript evaluation but they haven't answered yet. Not sure if I'm going to receive one or not...
  9. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    So I talked to one lady during the information session recently, she said that they received 1600 applications for fall semester, so maybe there are a lot of people out there waiting for the acceptance. Moreover, when I asked about the transcript eva...
  10. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    It is not required as long as what I have researched on their website, but I just take it because my Lonestar College's version required critical thinking in Hesi test, and I had plenty time left ^^! But I did see a lot of people took it in advance b...
  11. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    Good afternoon everyone, I have also applied to pacesetter BSN program this fall 2017. My stats definitely was not going to assure my seat in the upcoming competition, but hopefully (finger-crossed) enough to satisfy :) HESI stats: 1) Reading Compr...