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  1. Kooper48

    New NCLEX-RN Updates

    Hello Everyone! Does anyone know the details regarding the new NCLEX-2020 updates "Next Generation Project"? ~Thanks~
  2. Kooper48

    NCLEX-RN Study Buddy / Friend Wanted

    Hello, I am reaching out hoping to see if there is anyone that Is preparing to take their NCLEX-RN? I am in need of a study buddy or really an RN that I can ask questions to bounce information off when I am stuck on a complex topic and who has time to break information down. Please contact me if you are a person who is willing to provide one on one and who has time like maybe 30-45 minutes a day once or twice a week to go over information at a time! I prefer someone who is retaking the NCLEX-RN again for the 2nd or 3rd time. Please reply to the post with your email or email me directly at Klarkgordon42@gmail.com
  3. Kooper48

    Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    I’m right there with you at least you got to 130, I did not get all 130 questions. I truly feel it’s been harder after the changes people think it’s easier but I’m sure it’s a trick in there because I didn’t pass my first try in April either after the COVID-19!changes, I retest soon. I’m studying in depth for 6 weeks then passing ! True yes, it’s a lot of information BUT, now we know what to expect. I say retest it’s fresh on your mind . ~Blessings , and positivity to you !