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  1. SeasonedTech

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    I'm in WA state, my hospital has all of that equipment to help lift & transfer pts too. Plus a few rooms have ceiling lifts- even double lifts! ( I used to do agency nursing and every hospital I went to had all of that equipment as well) I hope your hospital has it too because we need to save our backs. Sounds like you nailed the physical! Woohoo enjoy your new job!
  2. SeasonedTech

    Forbidden Extremity Sign and VTE in Arm

    Well I am. We put armbands on and even a sign up in the room. I teach every CNA I train to do the same things. Common sense. You did the right thing OP.
  3. SeasonedTech

    Dropped out of ASN Program. Advice?

    Maybe it was all about timing. I'm glad the second time around worked out good for you! Oh brother, as if you would use their stamp machine haha!
  4. SeasonedTech

    Dropped out of ASN Program. Advice?

    There is nothing wrong with not being an RN. I make $52k a year working 3 nights a week and I love it. I never had a desire to get my RN. You do you. Do what works for your life. It's not worth being miserable every day.
  5. SeasonedTech

    Is this common

    This is amazing advice! I've been in nursing over 20 years& have trained many ppl. You are a preceptors dream! I can tell you are an awesome CNA! OP, I think you should have a talk with the co-worker you're talking about. Talk to her first before you report her or anything like that. Best of luck, hang in there!
  6. SeasonedTech

    New nurse staying way past 9:30 pm on day shift

    9 pts on MedSurg! Omg, what state are you in? That's just insane, you my friend are a nursing rock star for even attempting to do everything for 9 (!!) MedSurg pts! I hope you have good CNAs to help you out. ( I would help you big-time) no wonder you're staying after so late! Our nurses have 5 pts. Of course at night the aides have 12 pts on my MedSurg floor, time management is crucial. Hang in there- I hope it gets easier for you. Hugs
  7. SeasonedTech

    Oregon CNA skills test question

    Congratulations! And welcome to amazing, brutal,rewarding, exciting feild of nursing! You will do great things! Again, congrats!
  8. SeasonedTech

    Gift for my preceptor

    The gift card you picked out is a good gift
  9. SeasonedTech

    Does anyone here actually like being a CNA?

    :inlove:26 years. 26 years of helping thousands of patients in every situation imaginable. I've worked Psych, Drug& Alcohol Recovery,Oncology, MedSurg,Hospice, Mother/Baby, NICU, ICU, PCU, Emergency Room. I've done CPR more times than I can even count. We are more than merely "butt wipers". I am proud of my profession and I'm proud of the care I've provided to patients and their families. From a birth to a death, we are a major part of the team for these people. So be proud of who you are and the care you give!
  10. SeasonedTech

    Kicked out for first practical exam fail

    Are you talking about "donning"? Donning on and off PPE, right? I'm pretty surprised you got kicked out of the entire program for something so simple. Is there more to the story? The class should be more of a teaching/learning environment. Regardless, good luck and maybe you can reapply.
  11. SeasonedTech

    Charge nurse taking an assignment

    Some nights if we are short on nurses the charge will take 3 patients. Plus they do all of the charge duties. No HUC of course.
  12. A task for a CNA?! No, I'm busy taking care of 12 patients. I'll strip the bed and gather the trash IF I have time, but ANYONE can clean a room. CNAs are too busy providing patient care to be housekeepers.
  13. SeasonedTech

    Bad management

  14. SeasonedTech

    Falsely accused of abuse

    Oh, I just meant I was never a "fall guy" just because I was angency. That doesn't mean it won't happen to someone else though. I just didn't agree with the other post that said agency gets blamed when something goes wrong. That's all, hope you didn't take my comment wrong. Thank you.
  15. SeasonedTech


    Please work as a CNA before you become a nurse. The best nurses I've ever worked with started out as aides. You will understand what we go through and how hard our part of the job is. Enjoy your nursing journey!
  16. SeasonedTech

    12 and 1/2 hours with only 30 minutes for lunch

    Wow! I wonder where those nurses that have time to get on Facebook work?! Because during my 12hr shifts I take the breaks I'm entitled to by law, but I sure as hell don't have time to play on a computer! Welcome to nursing, where yes, there will be shifts where you don't sit down except for when you're on your breaks. It's demanding and physically & mentally hard. But I love it!

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