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  1. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    No but I called and asked if my account has a hold on it due to the immunizations cuz I turned it in a couple of weeks ago and the hold was removed so just call the student health clinic and ask :)
  2. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Ms. Wilbon sent out a mass email acknowledging that she received seat fees from those who have turned them in in person or those who mailed them in and have gotten there already.
  3. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Oh good thank you Jen!
  4. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    I haven't received any either . And our online trainings are due in less than a month
  5. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Mine says none. It's specific to you I think they're saying you need to finish sociology before starting.
  6. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Has anyone whose sent in their immunization record and Lab report gotten a confirmation email?
  7. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Call the student health clinic at 2105679355.
  8. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    I got my titers done with my primary care physician Dr. Blower. She practices next to the Christus Santa Rosa hospital in Westover hills
  9. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    For me she put received with a smiley face and a thanks.
  10. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    I have United Healthcare and Bluecross blue shield and they covered it.
  11. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    I only got the titers to see if I was immune because my parents didn't do a good job of keeping my shot record updated lol. I also turned out to be immune to HEP B so I don't have to get it again but they want the titers on it to be sure.
  12. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    I finished my immunization record early too but I gotta go to my dr because since I got titers done they want the lab reports
  13. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Ugh she hasn't acknowledged mine yet and I turned them in the night we got our acceptances. If not by tomorrow I'll try again
  14. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Thank you Jen! Sorry y'all my phone doesn't let me hit reply :/
  15. UTHSCSA Fall 2018

    Jen I was just wondering if Ms. Wilbon emails you back acknowledging that she got the acceptance to the offer? I sent mine in yesterday but I just wanna make sure nothing goes wrong