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    Critical Care Simulation Game

    oh! this sounds amazing! Did you ever track that resource down?
  2. Due to some procedural challenges in the Senate that arose during Sunday evening’s vote on the latest COVID-19 funding package, we now have extra time to make our voices be heard on the need for intellectual / developmental disabilities (I/DD) supports to be included in the relief package. Last night, the Senate was supposed to vote on its latest COVID-19 funding package, which included $75 billion for a Public Health and Social Service Emergency Fund. However, the vote fell short of the required 60 votes to move the package, giving us an extra window of opportunity to ask for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers to be explicitly included in the package. As written, HCBS waivers are not included and there is ambiguity on which “care” providers are eligible for the emergency funding – which means the Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary could impose limitations on which services receive the funds, leaving HCBS supports at risk of not receiving badly needed extra funding for overtime pay, hazard pay, DSP recruitment, paid family and sick leave, support for closed day services, etc. Please keep up the pressure on Congress – we are hearing from insiders on Capitol Hill that your continued advocacy is making a difference! https://www.votervoice.net/ANCOR/Campaigns/72867/Respond
  3. Lurkndmurk

    Demanding Hazard Pay? What?

    I think most people working in healthcare right now are wanting Hazard Pay because of the medical supply shortage. We have NO WAY to protect ourselves, our families or our patients. We are working under seriously dangerous circumstances and aren't provided adequate equipment to protect ourselves. For the most part, I dont think most are wanting hazard pay just because of the corona virus. It's because we cant protect ourselves properly. One prime example is the fact that we are forced to REUSE the same mask ALL DAY on MULTIPLE patients; some even have to use the same mask all week. SOME DONT HAVE MASKS AT ALL! I don't mind working with infectious disease, but its different when you're walking into something that is HIGHLY contagious and can put you out of work potentially for 2-4+weeks and possibly kill you or your family members. Just saying. There are also other diseases out there that we are being exposed to & if we dont have the right PPE, again.. we are exposing ourselves to these when we should be using PPE to protect ourselves Where I am, we have to lock our supplies up and ration. We dont even have any cases of corona yet.. but I'm EXTREMELY worried about what will happen when we do. We can't order ANY gloves, masks, hand sanitzer, etc because its been unavailable ALL month. We are severely unprepared. It's hard to continue to ration supplies for the wave of corona when we also have other patients with things like MRSA.. Its a mess. I'm proud to be a Nurse & would work with or without hazard pay. Honestly, I just want to help people. I see both sides of the argument here though. Either way: It is what it is & I'm not backing down or fleeing from my patients or my job (unless I'm forced due to illness :P)
  4. Lurkndmurk

    Sexually assaulted

    I know there was a topic about this on the main site. But i really needed to share mine because it just happened and i don't know where else to go.. Anyone deal with sexual assault on the job? Im kinda shook up- i was only ever worried about eventually being physically assaulted & feel super naive that the thought of this happening never occurred to me. Im used to the verbal unwanted comments, but being touched & groped along with the verbal aspect was on a whole new level. Especially because on top of it the verbage was... disturbing. A HUGE part of it thats messing me up about this situation is that the patient is super confused/disoriented/not in their right mind. I guess im confused as to being angry/upset at them because of their mental status? I don't really know how to feel about it. I didnt report it because of their mental status. I don't really know what i want here comment wise, but i just needed to discuss it because its just.. messing with my mind.
  5. Lurkndmurk

    Nurse Assault: My Story

    Im so sorry. No one should have to go through this.
  6. Lurkndmurk

    License question

    unfortunately CA doesnt participate in the Nursing Compact States https://nurse.org/articles/enhanced-compact-multi-state-license-eNLC/ You would have to try to transfer your license over..
  7. Lurkndmurk

    Random tests?

    Actually, it definitely does. I asked the BON about this subject and they said they would have no grounds against it. Going to work high or drunk is a different story. The BON can't take action against your license because you're drinking at home. They can if you break the law such as DUI. Being an addict or an alcoholic is completely different as well. Prescription drugs are allowed & I definitely see leeway with federal legalization of THC in the near future. I definitely see stipulations and problems concerning this though, considering how long it takes THC to get out of your system. How will they possibly know if a Nurse is high or not? Its going to get interesting one day...
  8. Lurkndmurk

    Random tests?

    Unless it becomes federally legal.. it won't matter that the state legalizes it. The BON is federal law; therefore, even if your job says its okay... your license can end up in trouble 😞 It's really dumb & i dont agree with it, but hopefully they'll just legalize it within a few years and then viola, problem solved 😉
  9. Lurkndmurk

    Relocating, deciding between jobs and shadowing

    why dont you try to find a travel nursing position to the area you want to go to? You can work as a travel nurse for about 3 months while you find a more permanent position. You can check out nursefly.com there are a lot of medsurg (if anything while you're trying to find something more long term, youd at least have income for a while. its not simply medsurg, but a lot of travel jobs want experience so that would be your best bet) opportunities and you can find the area you want to go to. All you have to do is politely tell them you don't want the position. You don't have to go into detail about it but thank them for the opportunity at the very least.
  10. Lurkndmurk

    a All these urine drug screens!!

    what?! your job charges you to get drug tested?!
  11. Lurkndmurk

    What should I do when I am not appreciated on my unit

    I LOVE your program idea!!! My nursing program wanted to implement something similar but failed. I really hope you manage to create a positive and beneficial program- i would even venture to bring it to workplaces as well once you've got a good one running 😊
  12. Lurkndmurk

    Preparing to get my BSN

    If course they do. A lot of BSNs work in hospitals, corrections, nursing homes, etc. You can still do floor/bed side nursing & decline DON positions
  13. Lurkndmurk

    What should I do when I am not appreciated on my unit

    Idk, I feel like EVERYONE should hear that they do a good job every now and then. It definitely makes me want to continue working my butt off when I know that I'm being noticed and appreciated for doing the best that I can. I actually found myself building up resentment until my boss handed out appreciative compliments. I felt like I was in the dark, not being utilized to my fullest potential and being overlooked until she finally said otherwise. I actually almost had a one on one with her because it was getting kinda bad. I think, especially when you're a brand new nurse, you need to get feedback & know that you're doing a good job. it really helped reinforced the fact that not only do i love what i do.. but i'm actually good at it. I've had patients, doctors, other nurses AND my supervisors ALL been appreciative towards me- and its definitely inspired me to keep on keepin on 😉
  14. Lurkndmurk

    Single mom and nursing student

    Did you end up graduating?!
  15. Lurkndmurk

    Single Mom in Nursing School

    I had a 2 year old when starting nursing school & survived. I was in the same situation as you. No family around. Baby daddy was MIA. I heavily relied on my friends & their kids to help me with mine because I definitely had to get someone to help watch him so I could study, it was worth it IMO because whenever i did try to study or do homework with him around it would just drive us both crazy- he would want my attention & i couldnt concentrate You can get creative though. YMCA has day care for their members to drop their kids off to play while you work out- you can just chill in the locker room or whatever to study/do homework while your little one plays. You can also record lectures/search youtube videos on the subjects you are studying and listen while you play/watch your kid. I did A LOT of that whenever in a bind. You can also teach your kid these lessons. My kid learned A LOT because I learned by talking it out. He still remembers stuff I would talk to him about lol If you have a friend with a similar aged child, I would recommend inviting their kid over to play. I would actually get A LOT accomplished hw wise when I watched my BFF's daughter because my kid would have someone to play with I used to take my kid to places like monkey joes, fenced in playgrounds, etc so he could play while i tried to get stuff done. It wasnt the BEST because I still had to keep an eye on him so it was distracting, but I could get assignments done (slowly at times, but still. better than not) If you have daycare vouchers, you can always tell your daycare worker that you need time to study. WIOA helps with low income families to pay for daycare as well. There's tons of grants you can apply for as well to help pay for someone to watch your LO so you can study. I would usually get my homework done at night after my LO fell asleep, but that was just me. I liked to study during the day and knock out assignments at night unless i was certain I knew the material well enough to do homework while i had the luxury of 'alone' time Good luck! You can do it!
  16. Lurkndmurk

    Tell me how you made >$100K or more per year

    That's like a whole years worth of Salary to some people :X