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  1. Lurkndmurk

    At current job for about a month, should I put it on my resume?

    It's usually not advisable to put down jobs that you have worked at less than a year because it can make you appear "flighty" and "wishy washy". Jobs want to know that they are going to hire someone that will stay for a long period of time. They may look at the fact that you just started a job, but looking for a new one as a bad sign. Personally, I wouldn't & just say that you took the time off of work because of school or personal reasons. I had no problems having a year long gap in my resume because I went to nursing school & took that time off to concentrate on the program. I graduated in July 2019 and didn't find a job I actually wanted until october 2019; they didn't question the gap between July-October what so ever. I'm not sure what the reason is for your gap or if you had prior nursing experience before that gap (because I didn't have nursing experience. Just like CNA experience), but this is just my personal experience.
  2. Lurkndmurk

    Work from home as a RN

    Oh gosh... I couldn't even STUDY FOR SCHOOL with my one year old, let alone work at home the older they get, the harder it is.. they don't/cant understand at young ages that "mommy needs to concentrate and work on *blahblah*". They just want/need human contact/attention. I don't know how that is going to work out I made a rule to NEVER even attempt studying or homework at home because it would just frustrate both of us. I never really got anything accomplished and it was just a disaster. The only thing that semi-worked was taking him out to the park, but even then i was distracted having to watch him while trying to get things done Everyone is different, so are kids. Good luck! but fair warning, I highly advise against this idea
  3. Lurkndmurk

    Med school?

    You could consider becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner as well
  4. Lurkndmurk

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    I definitely suggest doing community college for ADN- then find a job you love, work as an RN & a lot of employers will pay your tuition to get your BSN. Some only reimburse SOME amount of school.. but others will pay 100% if you agree to stay for a while
  5. Lurkndmurk

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    Of course not! I had classmates in their 40s, 50s and 60s! My friends GRANDMA went to nursing school THIS year! No one is ever to old IMO You are obviously a great student in your pre-reqs which is a good sign already. I think you will be fine! If this is your passion, dont let anything stop you!
  6. Lurkndmurk

    *HELP* I need to take ATI PN predictor test!!

    Good luck today!!
  7. Lurkndmurk

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    Haha true! Also, If they found someone to cover for them, then they could have that holiday off but no PTO i mean, obviously i dont do payroll so i cant definitely say no one ever got away with it. Apparently EVERYONE had to work a minimum of 4 hours either Thanksgiving, black Friday, xmas eve or xmas- you were fired if you called out (exceptions were only doctors notes). BUT if someone was willing to work for you, then they couldn't fire you- im sure supervisors made certain staff covered for their favorites.. i was one who got lucky & asked someone to cover my xmas shift so i could make the drive to take my newborn to see his grandparents & family for the holidays- 4 hrs aint bad when your family lives nearby, but my family is about a 12hr drive away
  8. Lurkndmurk

    Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    Its an office office. Not a doctors office we don't have patients coming in and out. We are nurses over various group homes & take care of the individuals living in those group homes. So, If anything happens, we assess them. We monitor them, do labs, make appointments, interact with pharmacy to deliver meds, chart, scan, upload to virtual chart, file, flu shots, etc. It's definitely a diamond in the rough of nursing jobs.
  9. Lurkndmurk

    PTO not in the budget for remainder of year

    Not at my work place, we do have times where we cant use PTO because theres not enough staff OR too many people are using PTO at once. This year, just during the one week after xmas, no PTO gets approved because the direct supervisor is taking that week off. But thats just for one week & doesnt effect me... My last job wouldnt even consider PTO for the holidays because they cant make it 'fair' to everyone, so they just said NO TIME OFF for the week before, of & after thanksgiving + xmas
  10. I tested thursday and it was up by tuesday
  11. Lurkndmurk

    Has anyone else ever had doubts about working health care?

    Nope. Cannot relate whatsoever. When i'm not at my job, im daydreaming and remembering how amazing it was. I get excited to go to work, its the highlight of my week. i LOVE working as a Nurse. I LOVE helping people in ANYWAY whatsoever. I love being needed & being there for my patients. I love that I finally found a job I'm actually good at. It fulfills me more than I ever imagine. Legit, the greatest feeling in the world to know I made a difference in the world & was able to help someone, even if its just helping them toilet. It definitely sounds like nursing isn't for you, especially since you're so excited to leave. Just the thought of never being able to be a nurse again feels me with so much dread and anxiety.. I cannot imagine and don't want to live my life without nursing.
  12. Lurkndmurk

    on-boarding process

    I would 'pester' them. Let them know your situation and what's going on. I had a similar dilemma; I needed a job ASAP. I got offered my dream job, but it took FOREVER to finally get the final offer & day for my start date! I had to call a few times to check in and see what was going on. Yes, I was nervous to do it and felt like i was being annoying. But inside, it was eating me up and I HAD TO KNOW! I was going to take another job offer if something happened to prevent the hiring process being official. PLUS, it's HR's job to do this, so I wouldn't feel like you're pestering them. I think we just feel like we are, but we really arent. You are excited and want to know when you are going to start. That doesn't sound like an issue to call about IMO.
  13. Nope. I got accepted into 2 different programs. I told my second choice that I appreciated the opportunity, but I'm turning down my seat for personal reasons. They really don't care & dont ask questions. They've got a waiting list of students to call after you give up your spot. There's so many ways to get money for school though, so if thats your issue- i would go to the school and see an advisor. Especially financial aid advisors. Nurses are in such a need right now that there are special grants just for nursing students. Theres WIOA, the finish line grant, etc.
  14. Lurkndmurk

    Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    my nursing professors had various types of experience. One SOLELY worked as a 'community health' nurse at the health department. One SOLELY did psych. Another was home health; another L&D; another ICU. I don't believe nursing professors will only look for 'certain' types of nursing/only acute care AT ALL! Especially since at the health department you're not doing acute/inpatient care. As long as you have a masters degree with ANY sort of experience in the nursing field, you will be okay! My school LOVED having different types of 'specialty' nurses because they would switch and teach certain materials. I think thats why i excelled in the program because they knew what they were teaching and were passionate about it
  15. Lurkndmurk

    Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    Uhm, do we work at the same place??!! You pretty much explained my job except we have about 8 group homes for the IDD population. They come to the day program, which is where the nursing office is. We have med techs so i dont even deal with meds most of the time. I do get to give any meds that are injections, flu shots & ppds. I get to take their blood for labs, UA, etc. If anything happens there or at the group home, me or the other nurse assesses them & send them out if its that bad. I go with them to certain DR appointments or the ER. I can write ver al/TO orders from their doc. Every 3rd week the nurse is placed on call if something happens outside of 'normal ' work hours which can usually be remedied over the phone. I also assess after any incident reports. I feel like i mostly document, scan & upload paperwork onto their charts, but most nursing jobs involves a bunch of documenting. Its my very first nursing job, but i feel so blessed. I love it so much
  16. Lurkndmurk

    Does the loop stay unclosed?

    you should have returned the med under that patient, THEN taken it out again for the other one