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Lurkndmurk has 3 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. I received my LPN license back in 2019 & recently got my RN license a few weeks ago. At first I didn't consider renewing my LPN because it seemed silly.. why pay another $200 when I'm going to get my RN anyway, right. Can I not work as an LPN wit...
  2. Novant Summer 2021

    @carolinaliving I think I have to agree! Plus, winston has A LOT more choices for medsurg floors. I actually have a picture of the list if you havent gotten one yet and interested ? also, congratulations!!
  3. Novant Summer 2021

    Oooh you are in for a treat! NC is beautiful, lower cost of living (especially when you live in the middle of no where like I do), so much nature, people are so nice & mountains!! I moved up here from south Florida back in 2014 & it was ...
  4. Novant Summer 2021

    Oh my gosh!! Congratulations & welcome to the residency family ?
  5. Novant Summer 2021

    @carolinaliving Good luck today! Let us know how it goes!
  6. Novant Summer 2021

    Just try searching for "novant" & you will see it ? you will be able to literally read most of it in the little box before clicking on anything.
  7. Novant Summer 2021

    petitenursetobe, Pro tip.. if you search novant on Allnurses, you can find a post where someone else actually posted what questions they ask in the interview ? Novant is extremely open about their pay, starting for RN's is $28 + $4 something for...
  8. ATRIUM New Grad Residency Spring 2021

    I have a question! I recently accepted an offer for the critical care residency at winston. I was looking at the critical care units at Winston & I saw "5th NT CICU" - what does that stand for? They already have another neuro ICU unit.. I was ass...
  9. Novant Summer 2021

    What unit/hospital are you interviewing for? I'm surprised you got a phone call.. most recieve an email to pick a time on a scheduled day to do a zoom interview. My interview went really good. The interview itself, for me anyway, included 2 peo...
  10. Novant Summer 2021

    I sent a request as well ?
  11. Novant Summer 2021

    That's interesting, I didn't know they kept doing interviews after the initial one. Either way another interview is definitely a good sign & good luck! Is it for Charlotte, Rowan or Winston?
  12. Novant Summer 2021

    Thank you so much! I am beyond ecstatic and grateful for this opportunity! The email was worded exactly " **VERY IMPORTANT** Interview Follow Up- Update Summer Cohort" We were just told that the meeting would be held on April 14th at 430p...
  13. Novant Summer 2021

    Hey all! I had my interview last week for Novant in winston salem. I had a zoom meeting yesterday and found out I got accepted into the critical care track!! Anyone else on here going into critical care at Winston?? ? This sounds like a ...
  14. Critical Care Simulation Game

    oh! this sounds amazing! Did you ever track that resource down?
  15. *HELP* I need to take ATI PN predictor test!!

    Hey! I was just wondering if you got accepted??