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  1. Mccmsn

    Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    Thank you! Good luck!
  2. Hi, I saw that you interviewed at SCV for the ED last year. I have any interview on Thursday. Do you have any advice on how I should prepare based on the type of questions they asked? I’ve heard they’re really big on patient centered care and ask a lot of scenario questions about chest pain, sepsis, stroke, and STEMI. 
    thank you for your time! 

    1. Crojo1501

      Crojo1501, BSN, RN, EMT-B

      call me or text me 760-696-8255

  3. Mccmsn

    Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    Has any who applied to SCV contacted HR about the new grad program? I am also working at SCV for the sharp surge hiring. However, I have not heard any discussion about the new grad program being cancelled. I’m thinking about contacting HR to confirm it’s cancelled?
  4. Mccmsn

    Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    Has anyone heard anything from Sharp Chula?