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  1. cwilliams032

    returning to the hospital environment

    I have 5 years experience in the hospital setting, mostly ICU, though out multiple facilities I am completely burnt out. Im thinking about applying to home health. Just to get out of my current environment for a little while. I may enjoy and decide to do it forever, but for any reason, if I decide to go back into the hospital setting, would home health on my resume hurt my career? No disrespect to home health workers at all, just curious how this will play out.
  2. cwilliams032

    Running vassopressers separately?

    Is it necessary to run vassopressers separately from other gtts? If everything is compatible, would you still hold meds in order to get another line even though most of the gtts can go into a manifold together?
  3. cwilliams032

    Travel RN, fired from first assignment?

    while the things you listed will vary slightly by facility, as a traveler, one would have a general idea of the process and can fill out the appropriate forms. The OP has never actually given blood. That is quite different from procedural differences.
  4. cwilliams032

    Travel RN, fired from first assignment?

    L. .
  5. cwilliams032

    Travel RN, fired from first assignment?

    Not knowing how to give blood is kind of a big deal. I can understand the charge nurses frustration in having to teach a traveler such a basic skill
  6. cwilliams032

    can confused pts refuse meds?

    I had a really confused pt today with high blood sugars. He wasn't violent, but was incredibly aggressive, and I was worried he would become combative. To what point do you force these pts to take meds (iv, subq)? I had a resident insist that there's no way a confused or can refuse meds. It's my job to give it no matter what. Do i get several nurses to force him down, potentially making his behavior worse? And if I already feel that this pt might become violent with me, do I have to wait for him to actually hit me? I'm more annoyed that she said, well he hasn't become violent yet. I think you all get the issue I'm trying to figure out. At what point is it "okay" to place yourself in harm's way to ensure a confused pt takes their meds? Also, I just want to note, they really didn't want to add anything iv/im to help calm him. I asked.
  7. cwilliams032

    I was found out!

    I agree now. I never shared pt information or anything like that. Usually issues with coworkers or questions about best case scenarios.
  8. cwilliams032

    I was found out!

    I've been on allnurses for years now. I have shared many stories in hopes of getting everyone's advice and opinions. HOWEVER, I shared a story a while back, and someone sent me a message asking if I was _______. I assume they read my public activity, and after reading theirs, I realized I knew who they were as well. It was kind of embarrassing, but kind of an eye opener. I use this site under the condition of reasonable anonymity. I don't know that I would share as many details with the internet if the people reading know who I am. Am I the only one? Would any of you willingly share your questions and answers with the people who know you? Also, if you're reading this Josh,
  9. cwilliams032

    GPA when applying for school

    I've realized that I have to retake a course. Did both grades (W and passing grade) apply towards your GPA when you were applying? Or only the passing grade?