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tydawg has 2 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Informatics.

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  1. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    The only “garbage” here is that you feel the need to bash and discredit myself and other members who attended a CCNE accredited school and program. Go take your...
  2. tydawg

    BSN-MSN Payment plan option(s)

    I can’t speak to the MSN program yet. I will be starting that in April. Mine was very positive and it is affordable as long as your motivated.
  3. tydawg

    LTC Admissions Nurse

    Update: so I had a conversation with the educator today and it turns out that medications such as those are part of the interfacility formulary. And when the do...
  4. tydawg

    LTC Admissions Nurse

    Hello everyone I just started a job as an admissions nurse this week and have been working with the staff educator. I was wondering what your facility does when...
  5. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    There are 4-5 assignments for each course usually they are a 2-3 page essay on a given topic.
  6. tydawg

    Help! Surgery center standards

    A little bit late to the party but I just started working in an ASC after working in a hospital OR. At first I was excited for the no call better pay, but I am ...
  7. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    Please tell me you aren't downgrading my education lol. Just because it is shorter program doesn't mean it is any less of an education.
  8. tydawg

    New OR Nurse struggling, should I move on?

    Thank you for the reply. Yes we have a large variety of specialties, ENT, Ophthalmology, Peds, General, Orthopedic, Endo/Colonoscopies, OB. Some of the specialt...
  9. So I am about 3 months in at a small critical access hospital as an OR circulator, what I thought was going to be my ideal entry nursing position as a new grad....
  10. tydawg

    BSN-MSN Payment plan option(s)

    Can't leave my current employer, they do offer $2,500 a year, but I am wanting to do full time so I can finish faster.
  11. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    I just finished up my BSN with Capella. As stated before WGU wanted me to do a bunch of extra courses, and Capella waved me in and I just had to the 8 Nursing c...
  12. Hello all, I am looking for any experience that anyone may have on a program that offers payment plans rather than student loans. After taking out $80k plus for...
  13. So I know this topic has been bounced around a bit, but yet here I am bringing it up again. I am currently 21, hold a Bachelors degree (not in nursing), and wil...
  14. tydawg

    Should new grads negotiate their pay??

    The answer really depends on a variety of factors. Supply and demand in the local area, can you realistically afford to have the hospital reject you? Is there a...