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tydawg has 1 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in LTC Nurse.

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  1. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    The only “garbage” here is that you feel the need to bash and discredit myself and other members who attended a CCNE accredited school and program. Go take your anger out elsewhere. I will continue to promote this excellent program and you are exactly what is wrong with nursing education, in that you are stuck in “that’s just how we do things” mode.
  2. tydawg

    BSN-MSN Payment plan option(s)

    I can’t speak to the MSN program yet. I will be starting that in April. Mine was very positive and it is affordable as long as your motivated.
  3. tydawg

    LTC Admissions Nurse

    Update: so I had a conversation with the educator today and it turns out that medications such as those are part of the interfacility formulary. And when the doctor signs on and agrees to follow the patient here they agree for orders to be substituted with the facility formulary. They even have a separate order on each patient that has them agreeing to that.
  4. tydawg

    LTC Admissions Nurse

    Hello everyone I just started a job as an admissions nurse this week and have been working with the staff educator. I was wondering what your facility does when there are potential medications that are not available at your facility but ordered by the doctor. Example happened today: Order was for 6000 you of cholecalciferol by mouth, administer as 6, 1000unit Tablets once daily Well my facility apparently does not offer the 1000 unit tablets and only has 2000unit CAPSULES. Staff educator instructed me to put the order into the MAR as 6000 you cholecalciferol, administer as 3, 2000unit CAPSULES once daily. From my understanding it would be okay to change to the 2000units but only if they were tablets not capsules. However I thought about it further and the order is still PO just not tablets. The orders come to us from the hospital where I presume their Epic system automatically inputs what they have available in THEIR pharmacy. So is this something I should necessarily try to escalate to my DNS or is all on the up and up.
  5. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    There are 4-5 assignments for each course usually they are a 2-3 page essay on a given topic.
  6. tydawg

    Help! Surgery center standards

    A little bit late to the party but I just started working in an ASC after working in a hospital OR. At first I was excited for the no call better pay, but I am increasingly finding inconsistencies with how things are done, and I am way more stressed out than when I was working at the hospital. This new job is making me even question if OR nursing is for me. 1. Scrub techs handing surgeons countable items before I even have a chance to count with them. Later throwing items away before I have time to do a closing count with them. Coming from a hospital environment counting when the patient is in the room is foreign and somewhat uncomfortable for me as I do not feel this is something that should be rushed. 2. SCD orders not being prominently displayed (we are all paper based charting and there is supposed to be a yellow flag displayed on the chart) sometimes this doesn't happen and the actual order sheet is buried among over 50 other pages that don't pertain to the OR. This has been missed before and I really feel to most people this isn't a big deal when it is missed. 3. Anesthesia providers not checking pregnancy tests on patient's, and when one has been done, refusing to wait for the results before giving Versed. There is a box that should be checked on the paperwork and I am unable to check it if they do not comply with the standard of waiting for results, so it just reflects poorly and could be a legal issue if it turned out the patient is pregnant. I have brought these concerns up to management but they just shrugged them off and said you'll get used to it. Should I just be stepping my game up to accommodate their faster pace, or is this abnormal.
  7. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    Please tell me you aren't downgrading my education lol. Just because it is shorter program doesn't mean it is any less of an education.
  8. tydawg

    New OR Nurse struggling, should I move on?

    Thank you for the reply. Yes we have a large variety of specialties, ENT, Ophthalmology, Peds, General, Orthopedic, Endo/Colonoscopies, OB. Some of the specialties like Ophthalmology I am completely comfortable with and the surgeon that does them has even said that I am taking well to it and he is known to voice any discontent. I applied to a few outpatient surgical eye clinics as I do enjoy this niche even those it is fast paced it is much less stressful for me than doing so many specialties and expected to start being the only nurse on call by myself in less than a month.
  9. So I am about 3 months in at a small critical access hospital as an OR circulator, what I thought was going to be my ideal entry nursing position as a new grad. I am recently really struggling with the job, I am one of 3 full time circulators, and our manager also circulates cases on occasion. The issues I am having with the job are when I was hired I came in with the expectation that it would be a full time 40 hour a week position, and I am lucky to average 25 hours a week and we are constantly on low census, sometimes not having cases scheduled for days. But the expectation is that I still report to work 5 days out of the week, M-F. I would have no problem doing so but to sent home after 3-4 hours work is not only frustrating but not healthy for my career or bank account. Also being new to the OR I came in with the expectation that I would be enrolled in the PeriOp 101 course through the AORN, I was excited at this prospect because there is so much I did not know. Not only has this not happened but I now have found out they will not enroll me in it for at least another year as it is too expensive. The training I have received so far is all on the job training between the other two circulators and myself. While there are some cases that I am very comfortable doing myself there are others we do so far and few in between yet I am expected to know every little detail of a surgical procedure I have never circulated or been taught about. To other OR nurses what is a reasonable time frame to start circulating cases as a new grad? Is it unreasonable of me to be considering searching for a different job? I would feel horrible leaving the facility knowing how small they are and the expectation they have of me staying on but at the same time I feel as if the commitment they made to me regarding hours and training is putting me in a precarious situation.
  10. tydawg

    BSN-MSN Payment plan option(s)

    Can't leave my current employer, they do offer $2,500 a year, but I am wanting to do full time so I can finish faster.
  11. tydawg

    Capella vs WGU

    I just finished up my BSN with Capella. As stated before WGU wanted me to do a bunch of extra courses, and Capella waved me in and I just had to the 8 Nursing core classes. I highly recommend the Flexpath option if you are motivated. I got my BSN in 6 months for about $4500. I loved that there was no discussion boards or group work. You do have to "log" some "clinical" hours but there is not mandatory requirement that they be at a hospital you can pretty much write your own ticket.
  12. Hello all, I am looking for any experience that anyone may have on a program that offers payment plans rather than student loans. After taking out $80k plus for my initial licensure program I am not interested in doing more student loans now that I have started to aggressively pay them down. I am aware of the Aspen program but I am not a fan of the no regional accreditation. Also not really in the market for a degree that would be more than about $12k. So far I have not found anyone other than Aspen, does WGU offer this? Complicating things a bit is my BSN is from Capella Flexpath which is similar to Pass/Fail. As far as specializations go I am looking more at the Nursing Administration side of things, thanks for your suggestions.
  13. So I know this topic has been bounced around a bit, but yet here I am bringing it up again. I am currently 21, hold a Bachelors degree (not in nursing), and will be completing my ADN program here in just under two weeks. I have a job lined up in the OR starting in July. Here is where my dilemma is, I have been looking at starting either a BSN or going into a MSN bridge program. I am concerned that if I were to do a BSN program I would be "wasting" time as my end goal would be to get a MSN anyway. But on the other hand I am concerned that if I were to do a bridge program, I would be considered "over educated" for entry level supervisor positions in the future. The BSN program I am looking at would be through Capella due to their FlexPath and quick finish time. (6-9 months). I looked at WGU but their transfer credit evaluation was not in my favor and would require me to complete way too many gen eds for it to be a viable options. I have been looking at several options for the MSN, mostly in general tracks through the following schools, Capella (18 months) Northwest Nazarene (3 years) Grand Canyon University (3 years)
  14. tydawg

    Should new grads negotiate their pay??

    The answer really depends on a variety of factors. Supply and demand in the local area, can you realistically afford to have the hospital reject you? Is there another facility in your area where you could work? Do you have any previous medical experience? I am always a proponent of knowing your worth, presenting pay rates from other facilities can get you a leg up in your quest. Only you can decide if it is worth the risk to you, but I disagree with others who say the answer is a flat no.

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