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  1. jlrm50

    Are we allowed to notify parents of pregnancy?

    Exactly what my thoughts were but I was curious about it. A parent asked me and I told her that I have never had that experience here since most of my students are not at child baring ages but, realistically, my 4th or 5th graders could certainly have this come up.
  2. Not my usual realm because I work at an elementary school but the topic came up and I am unsure of the answer. In my state, NC, are we allowed to notify parents?
  3. jlrm50

    UNCW MSN Nurse Educator

    Good for you! So far everyone has been very nice and I love the Professor for my first class.
  4. jlrm50

    UNCW MSN Nurse Educator

    I am starting my MSN Nurse Educator Program on Monday at UNCW. So nervous and yet excited! Has anyone here completed this program and have any tips??
  5. jlrm50

    Happy Nurses' Week, my loves!

    Nope, all about the teachers. I was super hurt this morning when they all received gifts and literally handed them out over my head in a meeting.
  6. jlrm50

    These teachers done lost their minds

    OMGosh!!! That is nuts!!
  7. jlrm50

    Speaking of summer...

    Worse! Starting my Master's Degree this summer. UGGHHH!! Excited and nervous.
  8. jlrm50

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    I am barely hanging on until Spring Break next week.........feels like forever until the end of the year right now.
  9. jlrm50

    Professional development days

    Same here....
  10. jlrm50

    Master's Practicum

    Waiting for these responses myself. I just started my Master's program and I am already dreading the practicum.
  11. jlrm50

    It's P-day

    I dread it every year and mine start next week. The girls seem to do well and ask appropriate questions but my boys are always really inappropriate. Dreading it.......
  12. jlrm50

    Add Veterinary services to my credentials

    Good thing he is so adorable!!!
  13. jlrm50

    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

    I have had to unstuck fingers from a bench, untangle hair from unicorn headbands, and unstuck a tongue from a soda tab. Never gets old around here. Love it!
  14. jlrm50

    Here's a new one

    You mean you can't fix that?????? I say call the parent right away and she must not return to school until that is corrected.
  15. jlrm50

    PG Supplies and Educator Kits arrived

    I just received mine today!