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  1. socal212

    What do you eat during your shifts?

    I work 12 hour night shifts, between 3 and 5 a week (usually 5, lol). So I'm at work a lot. I am not too experienced at cooking nor am I really able to afford to buy a lot of groceries to meal prep or cook before work. I really struggle with this topic because I feel like I'm always hungry at work. I don't know if it's the night shift aspect or what. I have been spending way too much money in the cafeteria lately (that payroll deduction makes it sooo easy). So I guess I'm looking for advice or suggestions on what to eat at work? Ideally I would bring food I made at home but it never seems to taste as good at work, haha.
  2. socal212

    Gateway Community College Fast Track LPN

    Thanks so much for the info! My goal is to apply at the beginning of next year. I am hoping financial aid will cover most of the program because it is considerably cheaper than the CEP program. Hopefully I can start working and save a little money, then bridge into block 3 down the line. There isn’t a ton of info from people in the program so I appreciate you posting about your experiences so far!
  3. socal212

    CNA in training

    It can't be all lecture. You have skills you will be taught and have to practice. When I did my state test I had a written portion and a skills portion. When I did the class I spent most of the time working on the skills.
  4. socal212

    Question for Banner employees

    It's really hard to get tuition reimbursement, and I don't see you getting any help for your BSN degree, unfortunately. You have to work there for six months before you are eligible. There's an application that you fill out. They only review applications twice a year, March 22 and October 22 this year. They would offer a maximum of $5,000 a semester. And they definitely favor those who have worked for the company longer.
  5. socal212

    Full time vs Part time benefits

    At the hospital I work for (which is part of a large network of hospitals across several states), there's no difference between FT and PT. They both get the same insurance benefits. As far as scheduling, it's an open schedule system. So whoever logs on and selects their shifts first or puts in a PTO request first gets it. Doesn't matter if you're PRN or have been FT for 25 years. (I have to add-just because you select a day to work doesn't mean you'll be scheduled to work it. Managers are always going in and changing the schedule before it's finalized). And as far as working overtime, to my knowledge they can't make you come in if you're not scheduled? They really don't like paying overtime. If we are short management will ask us to come in, but we have a float/resource unit specifically to cover call offs or a surge of patients in the ED that need to be admitted lol.
  6. In my area, CNAs and PCTs are fairly interchangeable. Most hospitals hire as CNAs and then they train you in specific areas (EKGs or IVs and lab draws), and that shifts your title to a PCT. It kind of just depends on where you get hired and what the hospital wants (there's no PCTs in LTC or acute care facilities). Some hospitals here hire PCTs without a CNA license but you have to have completed part of nursing school to be hired. If your goal is pursue nursing, I'd recommend avoiding a MA program. The one I looked into was, I think, a 20 week program. I did my CNA class in 9 weeks.
  7. socal212

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    That’s soooo strange! Why wouldn’t she just stop hugging people? I’m fine with a quick pat on the arm or shoulder but why do some people desperately need to enclose you in their arms?? I had a similar situation where a male coworker gave a female coworker a lighthearted “boop” on the top of her head. He was making a joke and literally just gave her one pat on the top of her head. Well, this upset her and she went to HR and he was fired. Less than a year before retirement.
  8. socal212

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    Was it really just a quick pat on the back? I expect friendly touches from my coworkers...I just think it's the nature of working in healthcare. We spend all day touching strangers in incredibly personal ways, lol, so why would it not be acceptable for your coworker to give you a quick, friendly pat on the back? You should probably be honest with her, instead of internally building a resentment towards her because that's not fair.
  9. Do you work any other jobs? Or go to school? Or have a lot of kids? I work 50-60 hours a week. 4 or 5 12s, because I can't afford not to work that much (sadly lol). I would think that any job that's part time would be doable for a good work/life balance.
  10. socal212

    ICU vs Medsurg

    I currently work on a med/surg floor. Are your techs the same thing as CNAs? At my hospital, techs/CNAs are pretty synonymous, but then we have actual techs on our Obs floor and in the ED who can do more things like IVs and blood draws. I know from personal experience, I have gotten way more experience working med/surg! Now ideally I would love to work full time in the ICU lol. So if that's what you want then go for it! There's a pretty big difference between working full time and PRN, though, so I'm not sure how that will affect your decision. I do have to say, however, that the CNAs in my hospital in the ICU don't do a whole lot...being that the nurse to patient ratio is usually 1:2 (on med/surg here it's 1:5 so the nurses need more help), the nurses like to do everything themselves. Including emptying foleys, repositioning, and even ADL charting. I've worked in the ICU a lot and while there is a lot going on down there, I get way more hands on experience working med/surg. In the ICU all I ever do is blood sugars, set up rooms, and the occasional bedpan.
  11. lol, when you’re doing a complete bed change and your RNM comes to find you, and clearly sees you are busy, to ask if you can take someone to the bathroom. You could have walked them to the bathroom in the time it took you to leave their room to find me and ask me to do this?! And who’s going to help the patient go to the bathroom now?? I’m a CNA, this happened yesterday. My manager is soo helpful
  12. socal212

    So I called the police on a patient

    I just have to say this. Police came to my apartment a few months ago because neighbors heard "fighting" (what they actually heard was me falling and busting my face open, and screaming and crying, naturally). I told the cops over and over again that nothing happened between me and my boyfriend (we had been arguing previously but it didn't get physical), and it was just a really bad accident but they didn't believe me. They ended up arresting him for assault when he didn't even touch me. But you go to work and actually get straight up assaulted and then suddenly the police don't care? It literally makes me sick to my stomach.
  13. socal212

    UIU CEP (hybrid) questions

    I'm thinking that I want to go with the UIU hybrid option for my university CEP choice. Anybody in the hybrid program able to tell me what the meeting days/times are for when class does meet? I know some community college cohort schedules aren't compatible with the hybrid option. Also just wondering if it is a pre-req or a co-req to take CIS105 (I believe it is CIS105), computer information systems? If I need to take it at some point I'd like to get it over with at GCC but I'm not sure if I actually need the class or not.

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