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  1. Iowa nursing license with dismissed petty theft charge

    A petty theft charge from seven years ago isn't as embarrassing as the one I got only two years ago. I'm going through the same thing to have mine dismissed, which it should be by June. I am a CNA and I broke the code of conduct by not reporting th...
  2. Staff Management And Nursing Assignment

    My hospital has been using tele nurses to help in the ICU since covid started. When we don't have enough ICU nurses, they form a team assignment with a tele nurse and take on 3 or 4 patients. The tele nurses do things like help bathe/turn, pass med...
  3. Nah. From what I've seen on the MCC nursing FB group, people are getting it and claiming they were all but forced. And I think as time goes on people might become a little less afraid of the vaccine.
  4. Possible DUI/Wet Reckless Conviction During Nursing School

    The bottom part where I said some AZ schools have very strict rules about reporting criminal activity, that’s what you need to do. Find out what your schools rules are about reporting. Most Maricopa schools is 10 days after any criminal activity.
  5. Possible DUI/Wet Reckless Conviction During Nursing School

    Do you really think it's a good idea to conceal a DUI to your school and the BON? They can and WILL find out, and definitely before you graduate in May 2023. The second you get fingerprinted your fingerprint clearance card will be revoked. I had a...
  6. Unlicensed Person giving injections

    Any time I've been to the doctor or urgent care, I've never had an RN take my vitals or give me injections. It's always been an MA.
  7. Yes that's how it goes in my hospital. It sucks, but if there's no patients, what else are they supposed to do? My hospital rotates cancellations based off when you were last cancelled. This is pretty typical for the Spring/summertime. It usually...
  8. How to Deal with Staff Who Don't Like You?

    OMG. I'm sorry, but reading all of your posts, you always sound so...immature? In your relationships with your coworkers. You're going to find that in every single job, every single career field, people are nosy. They're judgmental. It's just hu...
  9. Travle nursing

    I think you're going to need some experience before you can travel. But usually they will offer you a stipend. A lot of our crisis travelers stay in hotels they were put in through their agency, and if they want to choose their own living space the...
  10. How much experience does your manager/assistant manager have?

    Well, in my ICU, the one of the senior clinical managers has tons of management experience. Know what she had 0 of before starting here? ICU experience. Know what she still has 0 of not ever taking a patient assignment because she is a clinical ma...
  11. Looking for ICU Preceptor

    I don't have much advice for you, because I think preceptorships can vary from state to state and school to school. If you are looking to do this without your schools help I think the only way this could happen is for you to start networking. Can y...
  12. Gateway Community College

    OMG I am so happy to hear that!! Best of luck to you!! ☺️
  13. Gateway Community College

    Is it a misdemeanor DV assault charge? You should really call the school. The Maricopa Community Colleges nursing application says any assault or violent crime misdemeanor charge can disqualify you.
  14. Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    Yeah I’ve always been under the impression that med surg nurses weren’t supposed to take a tele assignment. That’s why we just spent weeks and weeks upskilling med surg nurses to PCU, and PCU nurses to the ICU. I’m sorry. I would find that very frust...
  15. Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    I work for Banner in AZ. In all the hospitals I've worked at, med-surg nurses have always been assigned patients on remote telemetry. Never progressive care patients, but med-surg status with remote tele orders.