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KDRN1212 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in dialysis nursing.

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    US RN moving to London UK

    I just wanted to say thank you @kaitfinder for your helpful information! I am in the process of moving from the US to the UK, and started with taking the CBT in May, getting hired for a job in London in August...and STILL waiting on the NMC to issue my decision letter! Feels like I’ve been waiting so long, and constantly chasing people down for the documents I need! One of my issues was not having a license card from the state I live in (Missouri) as they don’t issue actual cards, but verification reports instead. I’ve explained this to my assessment officer, who I have yet to hear from, which started making me nervous! It’s jusy really encouraging to hear from someone who’s been through this and successfully transferred and started working there, as there’s not a lot of information out there on this process! So just wanted to say thank you for sharing!
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    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice or insight on what I am currently experiencing. I entered the queue August 1st, and heard back from my assessment officer September 2nd in an email requesting more information before further assessment. 1) The first thing requested was a license card. I had originally submitted an official document my state issues as they no longer issue registered nurse license cards. I had called my board of nursing and was instead directed to their website where they issue verification reports which contain my license number, status, expiration date, etc. and I had submitted that in my NMC application. I emailed back explaining this and requesting if that will suffice or if I need to get a letter from my board of nursing explaining this. 2) The second thing requested was a letter from the community college I had attended, explaining that my training is equivalent to a 3 year nursing program. However, I went to school at a community college here in the US where only 2 year degree programs are offered. I completed a 1 year LPN program, then a 1 year LPN to RN bridge program, both at this community college. For my third year, I then completed a 1 year RN to BSN program at another University, all of which I had submitted my transcripts and diplomas for. I explained my schooling, and how it is equivalent to three years in total, and if it would suffice to get letters from both the community college and university explaining their programs and length of each. I had replied to my assessment officer's email with my questions on September 2nd, and got an automated response saying to expect a reply within 5 working days....today is the 6th working day and I've heard nothing. I called the NMC several times last week and yesterday, requesting to speak to my assessment officer and have been told either I can't speak to her, she's unavailable, or have been connected to her line which rang with no answer. Yesterday the person I spoke with put me on hold, then said he spoke to my assessment officer, she's received my email and will continue assessing my application, then hung up on me. I don't know how to move forward if I can't get an answer on how to proceed or get ahold of anyone who can help me at the NMC. Any advice or experience with this?