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  1. Security in ER??

    Full time security in my hospital as well, I think all er's have this
  2. Starting out in ER?

    my sister worked in an er for 10 straight years after graduating nursing school, she has excellent skills!
  3. Help me make my ED better!!!

    Find ways to improve patient flow. That was a big deal in my ER.
  4. How did you get your ER position?

    I got my ER position, because there was lots of staff leaving at the same time.
  5. Two step triage process and registration

    In the ER I work, there is just registration and a triage nurse station. Why do they have 2 nurses seeing the same patient??
  6. CEN

    I am also studying for my CEN, any advise?
  7. Mistake

    Don't be so hard on yourself. The Er is a busy place to work and can get chaotic. The best thing to do is remain calm when it get busy
  8. ER Orientation question

    Er nurses are the best, you learn so much and your work is so important
  9. RNs being employed in primary care clinic

    I work in a primary care clinic, it is so different than what I expected.
  10. Least Senior RN to Supervisor

    Don't feel bad for your level of education
  11. Diabetes. The Sugar That's Not So Sweet

    interesting, I think Diabetic nurse educators are great.
  12. Preadmission Testing RN's

    I was always interested in this field.
  13. Information on Nurse Informatics

    anyone have info on nursing informatics?
  14. MSN w/ forensic it worth it?

    This is so interesting. I would love to look into this for my future.
  15. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    hi can you send a copy of your prof too, I would really appreciate it. Thanks