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MBNurse123 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Advice Please :)

    This was so helpful! thank you! I just heard from UNC rex for an interview. I am going to apply to other places but I would really like to be in Raleigh so it is probably my top choice.
  2. Advice Please :)

    A year, finished my nurse residency. My contract ends in oct. and my hospital is kind of a *** show. I was looking at UNC Rex or WakeMed. I'll look at Duke, just heard they pay like trash and Im making like $31 an hour at the moment.
  3. Advice Please :)

    Hi! I am currently working in a busy level one trauma center in DC. I have just finished my first year. Im on an IMC and ready to move on, I have always wanted to work in the ER. I was wondering if people had suggestions about hospitals/ if its real...
  4. Duke vs UNC vs UNC Rex

    Hey I have a question. Im trying to move down to NC from DC and I was wondering if you have your NC nursing license yet? I am applying to UNC rex and its asking if I have an NC license. I have DC one but not NC yet! Thanks
  5. Washington Hospital Center Nurse Residency 2019

    Did anyone hear?
  6. Hi! Anyone hear back about being hired at GW? I shadowed but was not sure how long it takes to hear anything
  7. Washington Hospital Center Nurse Residency 2019

    yeah I got that stuff but they asked me to interview in late April, seems so far
  8. Anyone applying to this/ know what the application process is like?
  9. WakeMED Fellowship

    Was supposed to shadow and then my app status went from in the interview process to I have not been selected for an interview. They have not been responsive so I guess I didnt get the job. Good luck to you!
  10. WakeMED Fellowship

    yeah im from out of state as well, the PACU was like 3 weeks and I interviewed over the phone and heading down for a shadow day. So no offer or anything. They apps say under review forever. Im sorry I am still pretty in the dark as well!
  11. WakeMED Fellowship

    Yeah I have applied, I already interviewed in the PACU but I had not heard from the ED. Good Luck in you application!!
  12. WakeMED Fellowship

    Does anyone know anything about the fellowship? How many people do they hire? What do they require to get a job?
  13. Summer 2019 Atlanta Nurse Residency

    I am looking too! let me know if you hear anything
  14. Carolinas Healthcare System's RN Residency Program 2017

    Has anyone heard about the 2019 summer nurse residency?
  15. MedStar Georgetown Nurse Residency Program

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone has heard back from their interview at Georgetown? Its been a week since I interviewed for the internship and I am getting nervous