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  1. krishnapatel21

    Felician College ABSN 2013

    Hi, you must have finished your program by now? I just applied in same program this year. i just wanted to ask you how was your experience in accelerated program.? And do you think is there any way to get an scholarship as my GPA is 3.82? So i am hoping to get an scholarship. And where do you work now? Please share your experience. Good Luck.
  2. krishnapatel21

    UNMC Accelerated BSN Program 2014-2015

    Hi Eoduca, Right now I am taking prerequisite from New Jersey community college and I want to pursue my career in nursing (ABSN). All of a sudden I am moving to Lincoln City. So if you can advice me something like in which college can I finish my remaining prerequisite? Is Southeast Community College is good option? And which colleges are good for ABSN program in Lincoln city. I appreciate your time