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  1. Hello fellow PACU nurses, just a simply inquiry to see if other hospitals does this. If an anesthesiologist is planning on leaving the patient intubated they obviously get a straight-to-ICU boarding pass. However, there is an expectation for PACU nurse to accompany the patient over to ICU and be the primary nurse for the initial 30 minutes. Does anybody else's hospital have it where you are traveling to a different unit to "recover" a patient in ICU? Just to clarify this isn't saying we receive a patient in PACU and determined they need ICU care and upgrade them to an ICU bed. We are talking about a planned ICU patient staying intubated. Thanks for your feedback!
  2. QCG33k

    Female foley and witness

    Policies usually come from bad experiences. So I'm sure there has been accusations from confused little old ladies that have to be taken seriously, and to prevent the headache, a witness to say hey, yup I was in the room. Is usually all that takes for it to disappear!
  3. QCG33k

    Medicine/ Step down to a New ER

    ED is a different beast. And most the medical floor nurses that migrate to the ED quickly realize it's not the same work flow. Like any change where it sounds you went from knowing all the ins-and-outs to something you are unfamiliar with, is it common to feel unprepared; whereas your brain thought you were ready. Just stay tough, there will be good days and bad days, and take the punches as a team.