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Bbkitty09 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Bbkitty09

    RN to BSN program?

    I would also look into electives like sociology or religion that could be used to boost your GPA and our prerequisites for some BSN programs. They are also cheaper to take in my state at a technical school/community college than a 4 year university. Don't get discouraged. My BSN programs were a lot of papers. Myself and classmates that our BSN was easier than our ADN.
  2. Bbkitty09

    USCA RN to BSN 2017

    I graduated in December. It was a bunch of papers. There was an online health assessment class for which I had to make videos. I also recommend taking one class at the time. If your hospital does tuition reimbursement, I would carefully plan when to start and finish the program in order to make the most of the reimbursement. We also have to find our own preceptors for leadership. I would do this early, especially if you are not working at a hospital in: Augusta, GA, Aiken ,SC, or Lexington/Columbia, SC. It takes a while for USCA and the hospital to complete necessary contracts.
  3. Bbkitty09

    e-Book or Physical Text Book

    Used physical book. Can be cheaper than ebooks and renting.
  4. Bbkitty09

    USCA RN to BSN 2017

    I thought i would start a thread for anyone enrolled or interested. I'm applying for Summer 1 in May.