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  1. MLE135

    Umass Worcester fall 2018 GEP

    @boston212 Of course! It was a fairly easy decision for me to choose UMass over MGH. I had much more contact with UMass--two lengthy interviews and frequent communication with the admissions department/faculty (who were always very responsive and helpful). By the time I was accepted to UMass I felt I had established a connection with the school and that they really cared about me as a person. In comparison, I have yet to speak with anyone at MGH. I was accepted without an interview. It felt, and still feels, impersonal. I like the program size at UMass (~35 students), whereas MGH is 100+. One of my close friends is currently on the FNP track at UMass and only has wonderful things to say, such as how valued she feels and the strong connection she has with other students. I like that I will finish the program at UMass with a DNP, whereas at MGH you get your BSN/MSN. I like having a graduate degree from a highly recognizable school like UMass. I went to undergrad in Worcester (HC), so I am familiar with the city. Worcester is also cheaper to live in than Boston (although it isn't quite as nice!). I liked UMass's program's connection with UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Hospital (clinical placement shouldn't be as competitive in or around Worcester compared to Boston!) I think it is more difficult to get accepted to UMass than MGH. At UMass, as part of the program you work as a nurse part-time after passing the NCLEX (good way to gain some experience/money!) And finally... I will get in-state tuition at UMass which makes the total cost of the program (4 years) ~80-90k. MGH (3 years) is ~130k tuition + living cost in Boston. What I liked about MGH is the location and the connection with world-renowned hospitals (living in Boston definitely has its perks!). I've also spoken with a few students at MGH and they seem to be enjoying the program. I think if I had been given some form of scholarship to MGH the decision would have been more difficult... Hope this helps :) Good luck with your decision!
  2. MLE135

    Umass Worcester fall 2018 GEP

    I was accepted to Primary Care Adult/Gero! Couldn't be happier as it was my first choice school! See you all in the Fall, and good luck to those on the waitlist!
  3. MLE135

    Umass Worcester fall 2018 GEP

    Hi everyone! Congrats on all your acceptances and waitlists (keep those fingers crossed!). I interviewed on February 12th and am waiting to hear back! They said about 1-2weeks, so it could be any time now! I'm really nervous as this is my top choice. I applied FNP but during the interview my interviewer was very blunt and said FNP fills up very quickly and is the most competitive/popular of the tracks... and then she asked if I would consider the Adult/Geron Primary Care track (which makes me think I have a good chance at being accepted!). Rolling admission can be a killer! I was also just accepted to MGH FNP but it is very expensive... so I'm really hoping for UMass (for a lot of reasons!). I also Skyped for my interview as I'm currently living abroad. Not sure if this would change whether I receive a phone call or email with the decision... anyone have any experience with this?
  4. MLE135

    MGH IHP DE NP 2017

    Hi everyone!! I'm happy I found this thread! I was accepted to the FNP track at MGH! I was really happy but I'm having a few doubts now... I'm worried about the tuition cost (I didn't receive a scholarship) and the cost of living in Boston (I lived in Boston last year while working in the Longwood Medical Area). I'm also waiting to hear back from UMass Worcester direct entry ("GEP") DNP program (I interviewed last Monday and am being considered for FNP and Adult primary care) and am leaning toward that program because the cost would (most likely) be substantially less since I'd recieve in-state tuition. Also, as much as I love Boston I have already lived in Worcester while completing my undergrad, so I'm familiar with the city. I was hoping to see if anyone had any thoughts on comparing the two programs? Has anyone else applied to both MGH and UMW? I've heard nothing but great things about MGH and I'd hate to think I'm making the wrong decision by not going there, despite the cost! (Then again, I'm not even accepted to the other program! Just trying to think ahead!) Thanks :-)