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  1. MG123

    CHOC Children's RN Residency August 2020

    I also haven’t heard anything from the NICU. My app still says under consideration online. I think when we applied it said we would find out by June 12th though...so not sure. If anyone reaches out to HR, let us know what they say.
  2. MG123

    UCLA MECN 2018

    Same! USD for me as well. Are you guys on the Facebook group for USD? Make sure to add yourselves. "USD MEPN Class of 2020"
  3. MG123

    UCLA MECN 2018

    Did your friend have the message on his portal, "You should soon be receiving a response directly from your major program regarding a decision on your application."???
  4. MG123

    UCLA MECN 2018

    Did anyone get any emails today that are still waiting to hear back?
  5. MG123

    UCLA MECN 2018

    Wait they said we will hear by Friday? I thought they told people we had to wait till mid March for all decisions? Do you think that now they are doing things faster?
  6. MG123

    UCLA MECN 2018

    I haven't received anything yet either... wondering if they will send more today?? This is killing me! Lol
  7. MG123

    UCLA MECN 2018

    Mid March is so far away! I'm over the waiting!
  8. MG123

    University of San Diego MEPN 2018

    The portal is working for me as well! Wonder if that means they will put the application status on there this upcoming week?! I am so over waiting!

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