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  1. UF accelerated BSN Summer 2019

    I'm a current student in UF college of nursing, and I remember about this time last year I was planning and evaluating all I needed to do to get in. From my understanding, our cohort was the first to be holistically selected. The cohort before us who...
  2. UF Accelerated BSN, Summer 2018

    I got into Jacksonville, but after reading some of the comments I'm a little disappointed I didn't get Gainesville. I really don't know if I'm gonna accept or not. :/
  3. UF Accelerated BSN, Summer 2018

    I have been lurking this thread since August 2017 -- and now the time has come -- we are sooo close. Ahh! I had a quick question to anyone that can answer: has anyone found a page that lists UF's NCLEX-RN pass rate? I'm comparing programs right now a...