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  1. delician

    Dignity Health System

    I do not plan to go to Vegas, but if all else fails my boyfriend did love it there so I wouldn't not consider it.
  2. delician

    Dignity Health System

    Thanks guys for the information. I could've sworn that I saw on another form that they pay more than that, but I won't be picky.
  3. delician

    Can I talk with a CNM, please ?

    I am also a nursing student in PA looking toward becoming a CNM. I'm in the Pittsburgh area. Have you already completed nursing school? (I see this is a year old)
  4. delician

    New Grad RN working for Birth Center

    I have been reading various threads on this site about new grad's difficulty finding a job, and was thinking "could I get my new grad experience with a CNM?" My ultimate goal is to graduate and get my ADN in December, then move to the Phoenix area, work for the required year or so and then apply for Frontier's CNM program. I think it'd be even more helpful to have work experience at a birth center/with a CNM when applying for Frontier since you need to choose an independent location for your studies anyway. This sort of kills two birds with one stone. As CNMS with your own practices (or not) do you believe this is a practical move for someone in my position? If I need to clarify anything else please let me know
  5. delician

    How early is too soon?

    I am currently in my second semester of an ADN program (we only have 4 semesters) and plan to move cross country to Arizona following graduation. My question is when is it too early to reach out to recruiters/hiring managers about positions or at least info on the hospital systems. I do not want to wait until closer to graduation because I feel my applications will be disregarded for being out of state, and I want (if possible) to build some sort of relationship with the people who will determine my future. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. delician

    Dignity Health System

    Hello everyone I have been reading through many of the AZ threads and have not been able to get much info on the Dignity Health System.I looked up their website and they are my favorite for all of the health care systems so far because I want to eventually become a CNM. I currently am a nursing student in Pittsburgh but plan to move to the Phoenix area right after graduation. I am sure the new hire/grad process will take me months before I actually secure a job but if anyone could give me more on the company that would insanely helpful ex: avg new grad salary, working conditions, benefits, hiring process, how to get in contact with a recruiter
  7. delician

    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin

    I read somewhere that (in some states) you can go on the state licensure database and type up your name to see if you have one No risking $200 Havent taken my NCLEX yet but I will surely give that a try before I do the PVT Someone let me know if that works