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  1. United States University

    I am also attending this program. I like it so far. I agree that it is very doable, so far, but I am still in my first year. I am nervous about what advanced pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology have in store for me. If anyone would like to prov...
  2. Tell me about your week in Acute dialysis.

    Also, I always take my break between patients. We're required to. If we don't, we have to file a "justification" for why it wasn't possible.
  3. Tell me about your week in Acute dialysis.

    Maybe it's my area, but my experience hasn't been as bad as the others. Yes, I've had one 21 hour shift and several very long shifts, but that is because there are sometimes delays, which can often be avoided if you do things like call the hospital t...
  4. Which tablets are you using for Kinnser?

    Thank you :-) I decided to go with the iPad 12 inch since my cell phone company gave me a deal on it and let me try it for 2 weeks before I made a commitment. I've found that it works pretty well. But thank you both for your suggestions. I apprecia...
  5. How do you choose your first job?

    Thank you for your advice! Do you recommend staying away from HH only because of the responsibility or do you also feel that my learning would be limited? Concerning psych, I'm not opposed to staying in it. I honestly don't know. I really like the id...
  6. I would absolutely be willing to go. Unfortunately, the relocation and hiring bonuses are only offered for nurses with experience (I think the website said 2 years, but don't quote me on that) and I am a new BSN grad. If those bonuses, combined wi...
  7. How do you choose your first job?

    Thank you for that suggestion, Crush. I actually have considered that. I've seriously considered working psych and home health at the same time, because I think those would both prove to be useful for gaining a varied base of knowledge. I can't wor...
  8. DaVita Non-compete???

    I've considered applying with them, so I hope you don't mind if I have some questions. What does this non-compete agreement require? Is it like you can't have 2 concurrent dialysis jobs or no part time RN job or you can't go work for another dialysis...
  9. How do you choose your first job?

    I have applied for both of them in this area. I know 2 people from my class that were hired, but both have local connections to the hospital. I do not have many local connections because I moved here from California for school. A big part of the iss...
  10. How do you choose your first job?

    I've just graduated with my BSN, and have been lucky to have gotten some job offers. My goal has been ICU or L&D, as I know other nurses that started in those specialties, or to start in med/ surg, if I have to. Eventually, I'd like to do travel ...
  11. Getting a job with an ADN?

    I have friends in the Phoenix area and there does not seem to be an issue gaining employment with an ADN. As Sour Lemon stated, "the lack of experience is a much bigger hurdle." But, in my humble opinion, if you're not picky about specialties, there ...
  12. klone, I am also new to this forum and cannot private message you to find out about the opportunities you have available; however, I am very interested. If you could also PM me concerning your location, it would be much appreciated. 🙂