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  1. Cassie01

    Curry College Plymouth 2019

    Hi everybody. I was accepted by Northeastern and decided to start in the May program. I would have loved to attend Curry, but I'd have to find housing there, and in the end, it would cost as much as Northeastern. Good luck to all of you Curry students. Hope to meet you someday.
  2. Cassie01

    Northeastern University ABSN Summer 2019

    I was accepted, as well! Was also accepted at Curry College. Am waiting to hear from RN program at North Shore Community College. Was rejected by Salem State. Northeastern is so expensive, but I think I'll end up going there. Cannot help but wonder what is the difference between a BS in business combined with an RN associate degree and an ABSN. Both are eligible to take NCLEX. It puzzles me.
  3. Cassie01

    Curry College Plymouth 2019

    Received acceptance letter today. I'm very excited! Good luck to you.
  4. I was arrested 3 years ago for going too fast in a work zone. The policeman on duty banged my car with his hand as if to tell me to slow down, and I kept on driving. Another pair of police stopped me, and I had neglected to renew my license. I was arrested for leaving the scene of an injury, and driving without a license. The case was dismissed. However, if I google my name, the arrest is the first thing that comes up. Will that catch up with me?

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