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  1. easttnnurse1

    HIPAA Question

    That's how I feel as well. We will see how this all plays out, I guess... and yes, Social Media is the devil!
  2. easttnnurse1

    HIPAA Question

    No, we used the MD note to decide accomadations. Mom was aware of the 504 being drafted and has signed off on it.
  3. easttnnurse1

    HIPAA Question

    Let me clarify... mom was aware of the 504 being put in place for the remainder of the school year. The medical diagnosis affects the students ability to write. We contacted mom and she agreed to the Emergency 504. Mom is saying that the information being shared is a HIPAA violation. One of the MANY people who sent the screen shot is an employee of another school who was also personal friends with the mother. This person knew I was the nurse where this student went. None of this was discussed with the people who sent the screenshots.
  4. easttnnurse1

    HIPAA Question

    I have a HIPAA question that I can't seem to find an answer for so maybe you all can help. I have a student who's mother shared a medical diagnosis on social media. The incident had happened at school that day so several of us were aware of the potential and probable diagnosis. We are in the middle of state testing. I had several people screenshot and send me the mother's post which I then discussed with our testing coordinator, 504 coordinator and principal. We did an emergency 504 to put accomadations in place for the student for testing. Mother is now saying it was a HIPAA violation. I think she is wrong since she shared pubically, not us, and it was only discussed with those staff members who needed to know. Also, this was not discussed until after the MD note had been submitted to the office. Opinions? I can not find any information online about this scenario at all
  5. easttnnurse1

    School Nurse Salary?

    LPN in Tennessee, Rural county school system. $13.34/hr, 36 hrs a week, limited holiday pay.... averages out to around 17K per year. If my husband didn't have an amazing job, there's no way I could live off my current salary. But I do love my job!