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  1. Failed drug test

    Thanks! I have already hired an attorney. She strongly advised to not participate in the program. I’m just going to wait until I hear from them
  2. Failed drug test

    I took 2 uds in 1 day for 2 different jobs. One failed and the other passed. I was called by Tpapn today stating the board referred me. What are my options with an investigation and how long will I have to wait before I hear from the board?
  3. Houston Community College ADN Spring 2020

    Hey guys! I just graduated from HCC and am looking to sell my scrubs. I have the clinical white one and the black one. They both have jackets as well. Let me know! Adia.harvey@yahoo.com.
  4. Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program.

    You're invited to group 'HCC ADN F2018. Click here to join: GroupMe
  5. Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program.

    All of my stuff is in as well. I'll see you st orientation. Are you in the GroupMe chat?
  6. Will I ever get in!

    I got in to an ADN program. Finally! Lol thanks guys
  7. Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program.

    In the meantime we need to have all of our vaccines and fingerprinting done. We don't need to have it uploaded on castle branch yet, but it wouldn't hurt to already have it uploaded
  8. Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program.

    I just spoke with them. They said we should hear something back around the 25th via email
  9. Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program.

    There weren't instructions given to us regarding Castle Branch. I did call today and they said I was number 8 on the waiting list. She said that they expect to lose about 6 to 9 more people throughout the background checks. So either I will have jus...

    Thanks! I found them
  11. Houston Community College Fall 2018 ADN program.

    I haven't. Who do I ask about this? Let me go back and read the feed.
  12. UT Health Pacesetter BSN Fall 2018

    i agreee with everything you said. I haven't heard anything yet, so I assume its a denial. I'll try again in the spring and then, Im pulling the plug on UTH.

    does anyone know anything about this program?
  14. TEAS 6 Advice (Questions Welcome)

    I will be taking the TEAS next month. I got the Mometrix Science flash cards. Wish me luck guys, I HAVE to do well on the first time. THE PRESSURE
  15. Will I ever get in!

    I am so frustrated. I've gone back to school to pursue nursing as a second career. I currently have a 3.6 GPA and an 89 HESI score. I am currently retaking Micro and Dev Psych to get A's. I have been turned down from 3 schools already and I just can'...